Emma stone is pregnant and planned to hold a wedding in March

Foreign media reported that Emma stone is pregnant. In the photos taken by reporters, Emma stone looks very comfortable in a brown one-piece breeches and white baseball cap. Emma stone, who was walking, was light footed and tidied up her hat from time to time. < p > < p > Emma stone took off one of her masks and casually draped it over one of her ears. Although pregnant, but Emma stone also dressed herself very beautiful, wearing a pair of big earrings, very in line with her temperament. Emma stone and his fiance, Dave McCarry, welcomed their first baby. Originally, they planned to hold a wedding ceremony in March 2020 to invite relatives and friends to witness the beauty. This plan was postponed because of the epidemic situation. For the matter of Emma stone’s pregnancy, some netizens joked that the epidemic situation made people pregnant. < p > < p > after their engagement, fiance Dave McCarry shared their sweet photo on his social platform. Emma stone nestled in the arms of Dave McCarry and playfully showed off her diamond ring to the camera, looking in a good mood. < p > < p > Emma stone is charming in appearance, has divine eyes and is full of smart meaning. With her superb acting skills, she once won the Oscar for best actress, and was unanimously recognized and liked by fans. < p > < p > Emma stone has never stopped her career and will show her fans more mature and praiseworthy achievements in her new works. Today’s Emma stone and her fiance, Dave McCarry, are enjoying a wonderful marriage life. In the near future, they will usher in the crystallization of love. I wish Emma stone both career and life can always be full of glory and splendor. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!