Endocrine disorders, these four typical symptoms will appear, can be compared clearly

If you want to keep healthy, you should pay attention to the regulation of endocrine. Many people have the phenomenon of endocrine imbalance. A long time of endocrine imbalance will also make the body appear all kinds of adverse symptoms, and the whole body may suffer. Therefore, we should first understand what the endocrine imbalance is and what the specific performance is? < / P > < p > once we realize that the special phenomenon of the body is related to endocrine disorders, we should adjust the body in the right way, otherwise we will not pay attention to the health problems, and the body will be dragged down step by step. < / P > < p > in order to maintain normal endocrine function, it is very important to develop good living habits. Under the influence of endocrine disorders, the skin condition of some people will get worse. It can be found that the skin starts to be greasy, the amount of oil secretion will also become more, and a lot of acne and acne may grow on the face. This situation indicates that endocrine disorders. < / P > < p > because after the endocrine imbalance, the excretion rate of garbage in the body is very slow, the skin oil secretion is strong, and the pores are blocked, it is easy to have skin health problems. In addition, after the endocrine imbalance, the skin metabolism ability is also reduced, so these changes appear in the face. Once you notice that your skin condition is getting worse, you need to be alert to endocrine disorders. < / P > < p > the mood fluctuates greatly and is always in a state of irritability and anxiety, which is likely due to endocrine imbalance. For people with endocrine disorders, the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body may also stimulate the body, resulting in more thyroid hormone secretion. If adrenaline is also secreted in large quantities, the blood pressure is easy to rise, and the body is in a state of sympathetic excitement, the mood will naturally fluctuate, and it is easier to get angry. Therefore, when we find that our emotions can not be controlled stably, we should know whether there is endocrine imbalance, and maintain endocrine stability through reasonable means. < / P > < p > endocrine disorders should not be underestimated, because under the influence of endocrine disorders for a long time, the quality of sleep at night will be reduced, and most of them have insomnia. Because after endocrine disorders, autonomic nerve dysfunction, may also be accompanied by neurasthenia this situation, sleep quality significantly reduced at night, always unable to sleep at night. < / P > < p > once this sign is found, the sleep quality is significantly reduced in a short period of time. We should maintain the stability of endocrine through reasonable regulation, keep the body indicators normal, and improve the abnormal hormone secretion, so as to stabilize the endocrine. < / P > < p > if you are inexplicably obese, you need to know if you have endocrine disorders. Because the endocrine organs maintain good function, the body operates normally, the metabolic capacity also remains normal, and there will be no obvious obesity. However, those who have endocrine changes have lower basal metabolic rate of the body, coupled with the decline of digestive system function. After obtaining high calorie food, they may not be able to use it normally, and they will be obviously obese. Focus