Enter autumn, big fish and meat stand aside, must eat it more, beauty and beauty is nourishing saint

Autumn is a harvest season, and we need to start from the diet. In the hot summer, most of us have no appetite and appetite, and often have anorexia, so the body consumes more energy

with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, few people will order a large table of big fish and meat in the hotel, which is often a combination of meat and vegetable There are a lot of vegetable dishes. The dish shared today is very sweet, soft and glutinous. Many children and women often order it in restaurants, but they can’t do it well at home. It’s a famous taro. It’s better to eat taro in autumn, and it’s also a tonic for beauty and beauty. The lady suggests eating it often.

taro is usually eaten in many ways. Generally, we use taro to make soup or steam it. In this way, we can not only keep the delicate taste of taro, but also retain the original nutritional components of taro. Many Baoma will steam taro and use the cooking machine to make mud for baby’s supplementary food. The nutritional value of taro is very high. It is suggested that people with weak spleen and stomach should have more Eat, and taro contains a lot of satiety, not only healthy but also not fat, taro contains protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and other ingredients, but taro should not be eaten with bananas as far as possible, which will lead to abdominal distension.

1. First of all, we need to prepare all the above ingredients. Taro needs to be cleaned, and then the skin of taro is cleaned and scraped off. Then, the taro is cut into hob blocks of the same size and put into the plate for standby.

2. Next, we need to heat the pan and add appropriate amount of cooking oil. The oil temperature should not be too hot or open the high fire. We put taro in the oil pan and fry it slowly to make golden brown and soft. The fire will easily paste off and the color will turn yellow, and then we can take it out.

3. The oil in the pan is warm and bubbling. We fry the taro in the pan for about 15 seconds. At this time, the oil in the taro needs to be forced out by high fire. At this time, we take out the taro and control the oil. If it is a small fire will greatly affect the taste, taro will remain a lot of oil.

4. The next step is to boil the sugar and prepare a non stick pot. First, pour the appropriate amount of oil into the pot, and make sure to turn on the low heat. Then, put the appropriate amount of white granulated sugar into the pot, stir fry slowly, and be patient.

5. When the white granulated sugar is melted and fried until it bubbles, we need to add an appropriate amount of salt, so that the taste will be more layered and not greasy. At this time, we need to observe the color of the sugar in the pot, boiling the sugar into reddish brown, and then we need to keep stirring it clockwise with a spoon.


2. Stir frying sugar is the key to the extraction of taro. We need to be patient, turn on the low heat and keep stirring. If the color turns brown, turn off the fire quickly, otherwise the syrup will become bitter. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!