Entering the second trimester of pregnancy, some personal care pregnant mothers should pay attention to, which you may not know

After successfully passing through the discomfort of the first trimester, the second trimester is relatively easy for pregnant mothers. Especially after the vomiting reaction disappeared, the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly also adapted, at this time, the pregnant mothers did not have too many taboos in eating, the pregnant belly was not particularly large, relatively speaking, all aspects were quite relaxed.

However, pregnant mothers should not be too careless when they are “relaxed”. In the second trimester of pregnancy, these aspects of personal care also need to be paid attention to. You may not know these knowledge.

① when it comes to toothache during pregnancy, those pregnant mothers who have experienced it personally believe that they are deeply touched. We know that for normal people, toothache is a very tormenting thing, if it appears in the pregnant mother, it is more than enough. After all, normal people can still use drugs when they have toothache, but pregnant mothers should pay special attention to them when they use them.

② for pregnant mothers, after pregnancy, the pH value of saliva in their oral cavity will change. For various reasons, it is easy to have gingival inflammation. I believe that the pain experienced by pregnant mothers is really unforgettable. Therefore, after entering the second trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to oral and dental care. If you don’t pay attention, there is something wrong with your mouth, and the pain will be very painful.

★ in order to effectively prevent dental and oral problems of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, doctors suggest that the most effective way is to brush teeth, brush teeth frequently, choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste, and adhere to the correct brushing method. Diet should also pay attention to, eat less sweets.

① in the second trimester of pregnancy, the nursing of some special parts of the body should also be paid attention to. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother can obviously feel the change of the chest. Many pregnant mothers will feel swelling there, and even have tingling. This is a normal phenomenon.

② what pregnant mothers need to do is to stimulate this part less at ordinary times, pay attention to hygiene, and wipe with warm water when uncomfortable, but the action must be gentle to prevent uterine contraction caused by stimulation of chest.

private care is also very important. In the second trimester of pregnancy, with the increase of hormone secretion, the secretion of the private part will increase. In addition, affected by the blood circulation of the cervical part, private health is very important. If infection or other discomfort are caused by carelessness, it will be very harmful to the development of the fetus.

at the same time of reasonable weight control, you can also apply some olive oil and moisturizing lotion on your body after a bath to moisten the body and reduce the appearance of stretch marks as much as possible.

in the second trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers don’t pay attention to the problem of edema, and they start to find themselves, especially at the neck of their feet. That kind of taste is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent in advance, but we can’t wait for the problem to appear before we think about it.

in the second trimester of pregnancy, it is relatively easy for pregnant mothers to be physically relaxed. At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to the personal care mentioned above. But don’t pay attention to them, leading to problems in these aspects, and the ultimate victims are only the pregnant mother herself.