Envy road son too wild, to play snow out of a trick, let Wang Ji collapse nosebleed, netizen: I admire

Feel envious of Wang Ji’s daily life is like a very standard, you are making me laugh, unlimited tolerance and indulgence, Wang Ji acts as the patron saint of envy. Wang Ji said no to the envy, mostly for the sake of good envy, because the envy interest to nothing, Wang Ji and when the father and mother for the envy of the heart broken, as long as there is a little harm to the envy, Wang Ji will be all kinds of “no” refused to envy. However, you have Zhang Liangji, I have a ladder, and envy always has all kinds of tricks to subdue Wang Ji’s “no” to himself, so that netizens have to admire the envy strategy “too high”.

it snowed heavily one day. It’s very rare to admire the snow. It’s hard to sit in such a heavy snow. A heart already flew out, quickly dogleg flatter with blue Zhan to play with the snow. Xianxian is already looking forward to having a snowball fight and making a snowman with Wang Ji. I think it’s romantic and fun, but my snivel bubbles come out carelessly. The envy of a cold knows that it takes a lot of effort to ask Wang Ji to agree.

Wang Ji, who has always been elegant and upright, has no image to speak of when he plays in the snow and fights with envy and envy in the snow. And the most important thing is to notice the snot of envy and envy, and know clearly that Xian Xian has a cold, and where can he be allowed to play with the snow again, which will make the cold worse. In order to love the envy of the body, Wang Ji had to ignore the envy of all kinds of flattery, to envy cold refused.

the envy that was rejected was not willing to be reconciled. In his opinion, it was a small cold, but Wang Ji had to look at the big things. Envy know that Wang Ji is iron heart, two elder brothers have called also do not let oneself play snow, and soft and hard do not eat, then had to surprise move. The admiration of the inspiration immediately came up with a move, and this move to the pure Wang Ji hundred try.

as time goes by, Wang Ji, who is still reading, is attracted by the action of envy and looks unconsciously. Wang Ji, who is still reading a book, is attracted by the action of admiration, and then he directly lets Wang Ji spray nosebleed in the next second. Although Wang Ji, who had seen the world, could not bear the envy of such a fierce operation. Face red heart jump to burst, but envy but a villain look, smile quite happy. Because langdang envies to Wang Ji’s pure feeling pinches to death.

it was this wave of operation that temporarily conquered Wang Ji, but the next second, because of the envy of a cold, he opened his shirt and let his cold air enter his body, and he suddenly fainted. At this time, where can Wang Ji care about shyness, a embrace syncope of envy, heartache bad, and then countless times in the heart of their own blame for not taking good care of the envy.

the next day, I was full of envy when I woke up. I forgot what I did yesterday, and my mind was blank. Suddenly I heard the creak of walking outside. The envy of turning out of bed walked out of the window to see the white snow, and in the snow there is a figure is constantly busy. Several snowmen had been piled up beside him, and he was still wondering who was so free to make a snowman in the early morning. But when you see that person is usually elegant and upright Wang Ji, tears and snot moved both out.

ah, suddenly I envy such a daily life. I still want to see you laugh when I know you are making fun of. It’s good to know that you like to have no image, so why don’t you be happy? Wang Ji, who has a knife’s mouth and a bean curd heart, always holds his envy in his palm. With Wang Ji’s envy, he will always live like a carefree child. If you have something to do with Wang Ji and nothing to do with Wang Ji, there is no room for a third party between the two people, because they must be you. No one can stand the wave of envy, no one can stand the boredom of Wang Ji. However, they complement each other just fine.