Essence has been used without effect? Come to see the correct use, netizen: no wonder it has no effect

now lives in many people love to use essence liquid to protect skin, essence is a small molecule, nutrient content high skin care products, belong to all kinds of skin care products in a relatively effective, with its strong nourishment ability, improve the skin condition of all ages and skin groups.

but most people have some misconceptions when using essence. Improper use not only wastes valuable essence, but also causes skin problems. Next, I’ll tell you about the mistakes and solutions!

at the same time with two kinds of essence is the limit, so when using two points, one is to use thinner texture, then thicker; two, according to the depth of the skin to decide, depth in order to moisturize, whitening, wrinkle resistant.

some people think that using more essence, the skin will be better, but pay attention to the concentration of essence is very high, the dosage has certain standard. If more than the instructions, the one-time smear too much, it will make the skin can not absorb, form dependence, and form negative load.

therefore, it is recommended not to use the essence as water, but a moderate amount is the best maintenance for the skin. Generally speaking, the right dosage of essence is about 1/2 of 10 fen coins.

when I use the essence, I love to drop the essence into my heart. It’s called the essence, and it’s also located gently on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Focus