Estee Lauder’s new seventh generation small brown bottle launched

On July 20, 2020, Estee Lauder, the world’s top skincare family, made an amazing appearance in Shanghai with the brand-new seventh generation of small brown bottles, and held a grand new product launch ceremony on the Bank of Huangpu River. Mainstream authoritative media from all over the country, many well-known skin care and beauty bloggers gathered with experts to deeply explore Estee Lauder’s breakthrough findings in epigenetics through immersive experience, and jointly reveal the new energy of the seventh generation of small brown bottles.

Estee Lauder star small brown bottle has been changed for six generations, starting from the first bottle of night cream Night Repair, which was born in 1982, every upgrade will become the weathervane of the whole industry development. Entering the venue, six small brown bottles of different times starting from night repair are presented collectively through modern technology holographic image technology, telling the legend of each generation of small brown bottles one by one. Through the door of the small brown bottle silhouette, the seventh generation of small brown bottle sent a sincere invitation to every guest with a brand-new image, to jointly open a new era of skin care.

move to the second space inspired by Estee Lauder’s lab. by means of images, the research team of Estee Lauder has been exploring frontier science for 38 years and the scientific research theory behind each major discovery. Does muscle cause decide everything? Through the study of epigenetics, Estee Lauder revealed the important conclusion that 75% of aging comes from acquired influence, and explained the new scientific discovery of “source factor Mi RNA” in simple terms.

in the immersive interactive experience area rich in high-tech elements, guests trigger the “mechanism”, countless “stars” are instantaneously lit and diffused, the natural repair network simulating skin is instantly activated, accelerating the natural repair process of cells; at the same time, touching the LED light balls representing skin cells, like energy transmission, the light balls are awakened one by one to represent the new healthy skin Cells are constantly activated. Such a vivid design allows visitors to experience the interactive fun, and at the same time, deeply experience the excellent repair technology and stronger product efficacy of the seventh generation small brown bottle.

then, through the interactive experience area, we can experience the new skin care enjoyment brought by the seventh generation small brown bottle, and have a new “love” massage technique, which makes the nourishing and repairing more comprehensive and efficient.

at the beginning of the press conference, Ms. Zhang Qijun, vice president of Estee Lauder and general manager of brands in China, first addressed the guests, sincerely expressing the spirit of the brand to continuously bring the best skin care experience and excellent products for women all over the world.

Dr. Cao Jian, senior director of advanced technology in Asia Pacific region of Estee Lauder Group R & D center, as a special guest of the event, further explained the brand-new chronoluxtm power signal technology clock muscle factor information source technology from the scientific and technological level.

the new seventh generation small brown bottle uses the new chronoluxtm power signal technology clock muscle information source technology to help quickly improve the skin’s self-healing process and promote skin cell regeneration. Make the self-healing process of skin occur at the best time – night, optimize and regulate the natural circadian rhythm of skin. The seventh generation small brown bottle can accelerate the repair of muscle cause, activate the cell regeneration, strengthen the skin barrier with a dropper, provide 8-hour anti-oxidation and super long-term nourishment, and moisturize for 72 hours; improve wrinkles by 25% in three weeks, significantly lift and tighten, and regain the youthful, elastic and luster of one bottle.

Estee Lauder brand will always be “committed to inheriting the faith and mission of beauty”. It is the brand’s pursuit of beauty that makes the brand-new seventh generation of small brown bottles come out and spread the concept and wisdom of beauty to more modern women. The new seventh generation small brown bottle will be officially launched on July 29, 2020. There was no parallel in history.

Estee Lauder, based on epigenetics, has been a revolutionary new brand of special moisturizing and repairing muscle essence. With the breakthrough new chronoluxtm power signal technology, the new small brown bottle can improve the fine lines of skin more quickly than ever before in only 3 weeks. At the same time, it is proved for the first time that it can help the skin to improve the natural regeneration of new cells and the production of collagen, so as to make the skin more elastic, moist and tight. The new small brown bottle can be quickly absorbed by the skin, effectively alleviate the signs of skin aging, and help the skin resist the invasion of modern living environment. Full of a drop, the skin appears natural luster, lasting moisturizing. After only 3 weeks of use, wrinkles will be significantly reduced and skin feel more compact. Continuous use, pores significantly reduced, skin is more young, healthy, full of vitality.

in the field of epigenetics, it has been confirmed that only about 25% of the aging process is predetermined by human genes. The remaining 75% of the aging process is believed to be affected by environmental and lifestyle factors. In the early 21st century, a powerful new class of epigenetic source factors was discovered. These small molecules exist throughout the body, and can make rapid communication response to changes in the outside world.

Estee Lauder scientists have studied more than 80 source factors in the past seven years in order to better understand the role of this source factor in skin aging. A breakthrough discovery shows that Estee Lauder has identified a unique source factor essential to the natural repair process of the skin and promotes a variety of important anti-aging pathways. It is worth noting that this source factor can help skin improve the natural regeneration of its new cells and promote the production of its natural collagen. Estee Lauder in vitro studies found that the level of this source factor in skin cells will decline with the aging process.

inspired by epigenetics, this project includes an exclusive technology of a new source factor activator, and a proprietary compound formula composed of yeast extract, peptide and plant extract, which helps to rapidly improve the self-healing process of skin and promote skin regeneration.

· it helps to support the natural synchronization of skin self-renewal, so that the self-healing process of skin occurs at the best time – night, optimizing and regulating the natural circadian rhythm of skin.

redesign the “brown bottle” inspired by pharmacists, and transform it into a well-made recyclable glass material, which has a smooth outline and strengthens the translucent texture of the bottle, so as to achieve the visual effect of “self illumination”.

for all skin types. After dermatologists and ophthalmologists test, will not cause acne, acne. Suitable for skin with closed mouth.