Estrogen is about to “bottom” girls, the body will inform you, I hope you do not occupy a

With the increase of age, ovarian function will decline, and estrogen will be low at this time. But some women young appeared estrogen “depletion” problem, hope you can timely recuperate. < / P > < p > if the female friend’s estrogen is reduced, it will affect the normal menstrual cycle, resulting in less menstruation and delayed menstruation. If it is not regulated, menopause will come earlier. < / P > < p > therefore, when women appear menstrual cycle disorder, more and more irregular, menstrual volume is less and less, most of them are suggesting that your estrogen is about to bottom out, and you need proper maintenance. < / P > < p > for female friends, if the estrogen in the body is gradually reduced, the secretion of sebaceous glands will also be reduced, which will reduce the water locking function of the skin, and the skin will be abnormally dry and dull. < / P > < p > If a female friend’s skin condition deteriorates or even turns yellow when she is young, it mostly indicates that estrogen is in disorder in your body, which is also a reminder that you need proper maintenance. < / P > < p > when the female friend’s body estrogen gradually decreases, it will also lead to endocrine imbalance, at this time, autonomic nerve function will also be disordered, accompanied by numbness, tingling and other conditions. < / P > < p > If tinnitus is serious after the age of 40, it also indicates that the estrogen level in your body is going to bottom out. If you don’t want to report in advance, you need to pay attention to maintenance in time. < / P > < p > estrogen management, fat distribution in the body. If the body lacks estrogen, it will lead to fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, resulting in abnormal obesity in the abdomen. < / P > < p > for female friends, the occurrence of this situation indicates that the estrogen in the body is about to reach the bottom. I hope you pay attention to maintenance, adjust your diet and exercise properly, which will help to maintain a good figure and enhance your charm. < p > < p > the low level of estrogen in women is closely related to poor diet, that is to say, the depletion of estrogen is “eaten”. In particular, the following three types of food will accelerate the depletion of estrogen, if you don’t want the ovaries laid off in advance, I advise you to shut up. Pickle is a kind of very good meal food. Because of its simple preparation and unique taste, many people like to eat it very much. However, it is easy to cause human health problems. The salted vegetable contains more nitrate, which is a kind of substance that can easily cause cancer. < / P > < p > If a female friend often eats pickles, it will lead to more and more toxins in the body, which will affect the ovarian health, and the ovarian function will gradually decrease. If the toxin in the body can not be discharged, the aging will be accelerated, and there will be color spots on the face, and the dark complexion will become worse and worse. Although pickle is a very delicious food, if women want to maintain their ovaries and delay their aging, they’d better not touch them at all, so as to avoid physical damage and accelerate aging. < / P > < p > popcorn is a small snack favored by women. Many people like to hold a bucket of popcorn when they watch movies, so popcorn has become a lot of people, and leisure and entertainment are indispensable snacks. < / P > < p > the ovary is a very powerful organ in the body. If the ovarian function decreases, it will lead to less and less estrogen and accelerate the aging of the human body. Women want to maintain their ovaries. Popcorn is a snack, so we advise you to be blacklisted. Many people like bacon very much and have a unique flavor. However, it is easy for women to get old quickly. Bacon is made of fresh meat, and too much salt will be put into a lot of bacon. < / P > < p > if you often eat this food, it will lead to accelerated skin aging. People who often eat bacon will also increase the risk of chronic diseases, and even affect ovarian function and inhibit the secretion of estrogen. < / P > < p > therefore, female friends must eat less of this kind of food in daily life, which is more conducive to ovarian health. If you often serve the table, the ovary may be laid off in advance. Quinoa, known as the “mother of grains”, is a kind of omnipotent food with high protein, low calorie and zero cholesterol. It is rich in cellulose and isoflavones. It is similar to estrogen in structure, delaying the decision to maintain the ovary. There are a lot of nutritional components in Gleditsia japonica. It belongs to high energy, high carbohydrate, low protein and low fat food. It has the functions of nourishing the heart, dredging the pulse, nourishing the liver and eyesight, strengthening the spleen and kidney, moistening the skin and nourishing the face, refreshing and Invigorating Qi. < p > < p > Gleditsia japonica is a very good staple food. It can also be eaten a little every day for breakfast. It can supplement the nutrients needed, maintain the stability of estrogen in the body, and make your ovary function more powerful. < p > < p > the flavonoids in Pueraria lobata have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, which can promote the beauty and beauty of women, especially for women and menopausal women. < p > < p > Pueraria lobata contains phytoestrogens that are safe, can play a two-way regulatory role, can also stimulate breast development, care for women’s health, make women attractive. < / P > < p > If a woman wants to keep her body stable, she must pay attention to her living habits and eating habits, so that she can be more healthy, charming and younger than her peers. 08/16/2020