Eugenics, what are the responsibilities of a husband?

In the past, women were mostly blamed for fetal malformations, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, virus infection, radiation damage and so on. Even bad mood in pregnant women can lead to stunted babies. It seems that men are just bystanders of eugenics. However, in recent years, medical research results have revealed that fetal malformations can also be caused by the father, and the view that blindly blaming the mother is one-sided. Studies have found that alcohol, radiation, lead chemicals, some drugs, herbicides containing dioxide, etc., can cause mental and physical damage to the fetus through semen. Not long ago, the United States conducted a survey of children born to Vietnam veterans. The results showed that the “deformity rate” of these children was nearly twice as high as that of other children. According to the analysis of relevant experts, the reason may be that the US military used defoliant containing dioxide in the Vietnamese jungle during the Vietnam War. The toxic substances in the leaves invaded the bodies of soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War, making them “poisonous people.”. British scientists have come to the same conclusion: fetal malformations may also be caused by fathers. The researchers surveyed the children of fathers who worked in the camp for forced labor in seraford and found that they had a much higher percentage of leukemia than other children. The results of another study have shown that excessive drinking by fathers one month before the birth of their children can lead to weight loss and mental retardation. < / P > < p > 1. Prevent contact with toxic substances in the surrounding environment, such as lead, arsenic, radiation, dioxide, etc. Foreign medical experts found that husband taking cyclophosphamide will cause abnormal sperm, resulting in anencephaly, hydrocephalus, cleft palate and other deformities. Drinking ginseng wine, pilose antler wine and tiger bone wine will also affect the development of the fetus. Harmful factors in the environment can also interfere with male fertility. During the pregnancy, the husband should take care of his wife to prevent his wife from illness, emotional fluctuation or other accidents, and help his wife get through the pregnancy smoothly. Sexual intercourse should be controlled during pregnancy. In the early and late pregnancy can not have sex, especially in the past had spontaneous abortion, habitual abortion of pregnant women should be prohibited. Late pregnancy, especially near delivery, sexual life will impact the abdomen, which is easy to cause premature rupture of amniotic fluid, leading to fetal asphyxia death. In addition, it can induce premature delivery or postpartum hemorrhage. In addition, sexual activity in late pregnancy may lead to life-threatening puerperal infection. < p > < p > 6. American eugenists believe that: the fetus likes to listen to the father’s voice, need the father’s caress. After the wife is pregnant, the husband should often touch the fetus across the belly, and the fetus will make a positive response to the displacement of the father’s palm. HEALTHY LIFE