“Even if I’m pregnant, it’s not that you don’t marry.” the Phoenix man who didn’t want to give the betrothal gifts regretted

Nowadays, young people are more and more open. They talk about love many times before marriage, and they will choose to live together before marriage. Some people say that cohabitation before marriage can see the most real side of two people through close running in, so as to avoid regret after marriage.

a friend, 30 years old, is the only child in the family. Both parents had a pension and bought her a house in a big city. Last year, she was introduced to talk about a boy friend with high education background and handsome appearance. She is a typical “Phoenix man” who lives in a poor rural area. Later, my friend got pregnant and talked to her boyfriend about getting married. The boyfriend told his family about the situation, but the family said that since they were all pregnant, they should get married. Family conditions are not good, betrothal gifts are not given, the house can not be bought, anyway, her family has a house.

when she meets such a family, her friend has nothing to say. Her only hope is that her boyfriend really loves her. So, she asked her boyfriend what she meant. Unexpectedly, her boyfriend also said that he would not give betrothal gifts. She could simply get the certificate. Anyway, she was pregnant, and the wedding ceremony would be free. A friend heard, angry, said to him: “even if I am pregnant, it is not that you do not marry.” After that, his friend broke up with him, and the child didn’t want it. Finally, the Phoenix man who didn’t want to give betrothal gifts regretted it, but it was late.

Maybe, in the eyes of friends’ boyfriends and their family members, the woman is pregnant anyway, so it’s impossible not to get married if she doesn’t get married. As a result, they did not even think of the basic betrothal money, and even the Phoenix man even wanted to save the wedding. Unfortunately, as a woman of the new era, my friend does not have the idea that “if you have a child, you must marry you”. So, her final treatment was decisive.

Yes, it’s better to make a decision and stop the loss in time instead of seeking the whole life of grievances in the future. It’s just that she didn’t want a child. It really hurts. After all, children are innocent, and with their family conditions, there is no pressure to raise children. Perhaps, considering the future marriage, worried about the Phoenix men’s family to entangle it, she reluctantly gave up the child.

but in any case, marriage is a lifetime thing, and now women will not compromise because they are pregnant. After all, because the children are forced together, it will be very painful in the future. If the mother-in-law family does not respect themselves at the beginning, the future will be more difficult. The key is that men are not reliable, and there is no need to aggrieve themselves.

in fact, it’s also the fault of Fenghuang man’s parents. If they change their minds, they don’t have to look at my friends with the old ideas. If I accept her sincerely, even if the bride price is small and the wedding is simple, my friend will not care too much about it. Unfortunately, they made a wrong calculation. They thought that my friend was pregnant, so they dropped the price and made trouble for her everywhere. As a result, he ruined his son’s marriage.

now the times have changed. Young people pay attention to free love, and unmarried pregnancy is not a disgrace. As long as two people really love each other. As parents, we should also change our ideas, and we should not fetter young people with old ideas.

of course, the changing times do not mean that we encourage unmarried women to get pregnant. After all, there are still many people with traditional ideas. If women want to be respected, the first thing to do is to respect themselves. Either defend themselves, or pay attention to protect themselves, so impeccable, will not be looked down upon by men when they get married. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!