Every pregnant woman deserves to be respected. Only by coming here can we understand how hard it is during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are waiting for their babies to be born while suffering from various physical discomfort caused by pregnancy. I’m afraid only women can understand the hardships of pregnancy. In addition to suffering from low back pain, pregnancy vomiting, poor sleep quality, inability to eat, and other discomfort symptoms, pregnant mothers also have to worry about the big changes in their body after giving birth to their children. The cost of breeding a new life is unimaginable to ordinary people. Maybe only those who have experienced it will understand it. < / P > < p > pregnancy vomiting is usually the most obvious symptom in early pregnancy, and the time will not be too long. Generally, the frequency of pregnancy vomiting will be reduced after about 3 months. The frequency and degree of pregnancy vomiting are closely related to the constitution of the pregnant mother. Some people may have the reaction of pregnancy vomiting only in the later period of pregnancy, while others will do so during the whole pregnancy. Mothers to be can eat some sweet and sour fruit to alleviate this reaction, to avoid eating greasy barbecue fried food. During pregnancy, all kinds of hormones in the body will break the original balance, leading to emotional instability of pregnant women. The main manifestations are irritability, anxiety, no reason to lose temper, often feel depressed. Expectant mothers should learn to control their emotions and adjust their moods. If they lose their temper blindly, they will only hurt the fetus. Pregnant women can do something that makes them feel happy, such as listening to music, watching comedy programs, chatting with friends, etc. < / P > < p > the physical changes during pregnancy are mainly reflected in the aspects of body shape and body. The first is the figure. During pregnancy, due to the need to supplement sufficient nutrients to the fetus and themselves, coupled with the changes in hormone levels, most pregnant women’s body will change more or less. < p > < p > followed by pregnancy marks, swollen feet and edema during pregnancy. Finally, the psychological adjustment of pregnant mothers to be, to relax, not to be too nervous or worried. < p > < p > pregnancy can also cause a variety of low back pain, abdominal distension and other discomfort symptoms, and the mood and mood of the mother to be is easily affected by external interference. At this time, the husband should help the pregnant wife to regain confidence, give encouragement and praise, and understand her hard work. At the same time, mothers to be should pay attention to protection to ensure their health. < p > < p > during pregnancy, women are more delicate than flowers. They should not only pay attention to their health, but also protect their babies. If they don’t pay attention to some matters, they will lead to disaster. If you want your baby to be healthy, you have to turn yourself into a “careful” woman. < p > < p > expectant mothers should eat more vitamins containing folic acid, which has a good effect on the prevention of nervous system diseases. In addition, pregnant diet should pay attention to balance, pay attention to carbon water and protein intake, but also eat more grains and fresh vegetables and fruits. Expectant mothers should control blood sugar and eat less food with high sugar content. Pickled food also had better not eat, easy to cause hypertension and lower extremity edema. < / P > < p > it is better for expectant mothers not to wear lipstick frequently because of their love for beauty, because toxic substances can enter the body through the mouth. Therefore, it is best to wipe off lipstick before eating, and avoid cosmetics containing harmful substances such as hormones and heavy metals when purchasing. You can buy skin care products suitable for pregnant women. In addition, hair dye is taboo. Because hair dyes can damage cells, resulting in mothers to be suffering from breast cancer after childbirth, seriously affecting the normal development of the fetus. < p > < p > calcium deficiency during pregnancy can lead to postpartum osteomalacia and tooth loosening of expectant mothers. Calcium supplement and absorption is an essential task for expectant mothers and fetuses during pregnancy. However, calcium should not be too much, too much calcium supplement will easily cause baby dysplasia and other problems, to pay attention to the amount and time of calcium supplement, it is best to go to bed or between two meals. < / P > < p > the most noteworthy is that the medication problems of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and incorrect medication will lead to accidents in the process of delivery, resulting in congenital diseases of newborns. Pregnancy medication should bear in mind the doctor’s advice, also can not take medicine on their own. At the same time, the sleeping position of the mother to be is very particular. The most correct sleeping position is to sleep on the left side, which can relieve the blood supply to the uterus and give the fetus sufficient oxygen. < / P > < p > the hardships during pregnancy are worth it. I hope mothers to be can give birth safely. In addition, every mother to be is a strong warrior, they are worthy of respect! 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!