Every time 200 push ups training, adhere to 3 months, what changes will happen to the body?

However, most girls can not complete a standard push-up, because the girl’s arm strength is relatively weak, coupled with the usual lack of exercise, arm strength is basically difficult to support the body. However, push-up training also tests a person’s comprehensive physical quality. Only when an adult boy can complete 30 push ups at a time is qualified, and an adult girl must have more than 5-7 push ups each time, which is healthy. < / P > < p > but modern people lack of exercise, which leads to a lot of sub-health diseases, and many people can not reach the standard number of push-up training. Only when we strengthen exercise at ordinary times, can we improve our physical quality, strengthen our own immunity, and delay the aging speed of our body. < / P > < p > if you can stick to push ups for a long time, you will get a lot of benefits. Generally speaking, for novice fitness, it is recommended that each time 100 or 200 push ups can be taken as the standard, divided into completion. < / P > < p > if your push up exhaustion count is 30, then you can divide into 20 groups, rest 30-60 seconds between groups, and accumulate 100 or 200 push ups in the evening. After each push up, you can rest for 48 hours, give your muscles some time to repair, and then go on to the next round of training. < p > < p > to insist on 200 push ups every day can exercise the cardiopulmonary function and improve the physical quality. You will find that within 3 months, the number of push ups you have completed in a row has increased significantly. You can complete 40 or even 50 push ups at a time. After each exercise, you will not be so breathless. This is the performance of enhanced cardiopulmonary function. In short, our upper body muscles have developed, the lines of arms and chest muscles will become obvious, the shoulders will also be strong, and the body will become tight, so that you will be more stylish and beautiful. < / P > < p > the improvement of strength can give people a sense of security, but also protect themselves, no longer afraid of gravity work, you can hold the baby with one hand, carry the luggage, carry the 20kg rice bag is not a problem. People who are fit and not fit can be distinguished from their mental state. People who insist on push-up training will be more energetic, less tired and more efficient after a period of time. < / P > < p > in the process of fitness training, our body’s vascular elasticity is strengthened, the concentration of cholesterol and blood lipid will decrease, the blood circulation speed will be accelerated, and the body can become full of energy and look younger and more energetic. The push-up training is also a matter that needs to be persevered in order to have a harvest. Many people will give up training in the middle of the way, so they can’t feel the benefits of fitness. If you insist on training for three months, your self-discipline is very high. 200 push ups at a time can improve your patience, relieve your anxiety, promote the secretion of dopamine, and make you become positive and optimistic. Focus