Every time you take off makeup, it really hurts your skin, but do you really know what makeup removers hurt your skin more?

It feels like a sense of seeing the missing person returning. Recently, the reality is really too busy. QAQ does not have much management. It will tell you about some skin care products. However, you should also know that makeup must be inseparable from the removal of make-up. Moreover, it is also found that many people do not pay attention to the step of removing makeup after making up, which leads to various skin problems. < / P > < p > you should know this, because most people know that cosmetics have become popular now, so there are still some hearsay about the essential makeup removers. Moreover, it is said that every time you remove makeup, it really hurts the skin, but do you really know what cosmetics are more harmful? As for the types of make-up remover, the mainstream ones are makeup remover, makeup remover, Makeup Remover Cream and makeup remover oil. There are also some special professional makeup removers and eye and lip makeup removers. < / P > < p > literally, the main ingredients of “water” cosmetics removal products are detergent + water + preservatives + auxiliary cleaning ingredients, which can make up a bottle of makeup remover. However, the makeup removers on the market will add some optional active ingredients in consideration of the mildness or selling point, but according to some matching words, it can achieve a good cleaning effect For example, PEG-60, most of the makeup removers are fresh, and some makeup removers may contain alcohol < / P > < p > to sum up, they are more suitable for the type of oily skin, but they must be combined with the characteristics of cosmetic cotton, which will forcibly exfoliate to a certain extent, and it is easy to be sensitive to long-term use, and it is also relatively harmful to the skin.

makeup remover is actually a combination of more regular makeup remover products, texture of the emulsion contains a certain amount of fat, but in order to retain the characteristics of the milk will not add too much oil, mainly emulsifier + cleaning agent + water + grease, do not need a specific emulsification, but the power of makeup is not very good, it is still very troublesome to use, suitable for dry skin. Or mixed muscles. < / P > < p > the enhanced version of makeup remover is coagulated, a little like solidified pig ointment. The fat is the largest part. There are few detergent ingredients in the makeup remover, and there will be emulsifiers. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned well, otherwise it is easy to get acne. However, the overall fluidity of the makeup remover is not strong, and it can be evenly distributed on each face. Attention should be paid to the fact that the details will not flow to the clothes Ka still thinks it’s very good. < / P > < p > makeup remover and makeup remover are the most mainstream and belong to two extremes. Most of the makeup removers are fresh, and most of the makeup removers are greasy, but relatively speaking, they are milder than makeup removers. With oil as the base, the fluidity is very strong, and the makeup removal effect is the best, but it needs to be cleaned up! < / P > < p > today’s leading role is actually make-up remover and remover oil. In terms of makeup remover, it’s simple to say that if you use make-up cotton, you will have certain friction to damage cuticle, but if you don’t use makeup remover cotton, will it be mild? Nonono, too naive, make-up remover is basically full oil ingredients, some even emulsifier will not be added, such pure oil components of makeup removal products will not “directly” damage the cuticle < / P > < p > but in the process of cleaning will take away the original oil contained in our skin, so that the skin will be in a relatively dry environment, damage the skin The effect can not be underestimated, but it is more mild than the direct damage to the stratum corneum, so we can choose it by ourselves. It’s good to use a make-up remover for the cuticle as thick as the big oil skin. < / P > < p > it’s not good to remove make-up, so I’ll look for it after closing my mouth. Generally speaking, the core part is still here. Generally speaking, it’s about emulsification, details and application techniques. However, many people really don’t follow the rules. They don’t pay attention to the removal of make-up, and they will finish the job as soon as they are removed. The subsequent damage is really not small. What pigmentation, rough skin and aging will have a great impact We need to pay attention to ha ~

emulsification. This step is aimed at cleansing cream and cleansing oil. Dry hands and dry face are necessary. When the face is evenly distributed, use a little bit of “warm water” to wet the face, showing a white lotion of something for about 40 seconds. Wash it with warm water and use skin care products in good time. Boring, emulsifying this step is a crucial step, whether it can be unloaded and washed clean is very important, do not have too much residue, otherwise it is easy to stuffy acne or something. < / P > < p > why should we emphasize warm water? It is mainly hot water for facial irritation, cold water, not to mention, grease can not be washed off, so we must use warm water, if the makeup is lighter, you can not use it Wash face milk, emulsified with warm water can, but if you like to wash a little refreshing skin feeling, then you can use facial milk to wash again, this does not have rigid requirements to see their own feelings. < / P > < p > many people will pay great attention to the cheek, forehead and nose, but it is easy to ignore the depression on both sides of the nose wing, the upper lip and both sides of the lip, the chin and the hairline, which need to be paid attention to. After the whole face is evenly smeared in place, then wash it. Don’t worry, just rub it and wash it off. Details determine success or failure. Pets