Exercise, also control diet, why not lose weight? Most of these are the reasons why you can’t lose weight

A netizen sent a private message, he said that he had been controlling his diet, and still maintained a certain frequency of exercise, but his weight was maintained at a certain value, and he had not moved for two or three months. What’s the matter?

especially when your weight has stagnated for a month or more, because our basic metabolism is also dynamic. When you are 90 kg, basal metabolism is a number, but when you reduce to 80 kg, your basal metabolism is different from that of 90 kg.

so, at this time, your basic metabolism, daily total consumption and other values have to be recalculated, instead of being the same as before. Otherwise, the gap between the calories will not exist, and there may even be a certain surplus, which will make your weight loss effect stagnate.

in the early stage of weight loss, you only need to consciously reduce part of the food you normally eat. For example, if you usually eat two bowls of rice, now you can achieve the effect of weight loss by eating only one bowl of rice. However, with the extension of time and your weight loss, this weight loss effect will slow down, or even stagnate, because at this time the body’s intake and calorie expenditure reached a balance point.

if you can continuously ensure that your calorie intake is less than your body’s calorie consumption, then you will definitely be able to bring about continuous weight loss and body fat rate reduction.

when your weight loss effect is stagnant, you should first review your exercise and diet plan, that is, how much did you eat? And how much?

through sports, many people will find that although they also exercise, they have not set such a detailed schedule for themselves. So, when you exercise again, you have to be more rigorous and systematic.

for example, I’m going to spend half an hour running 5K at 7:00 p.m. in the process, I wear a bracelet to keep my heart rate at 70% of my maximum heart rate.

we all know how to calculate diet, but what many people ignore is that they don’t include all the food and drinks they eat.

some people may count the food they eat at home, but they miss a cup of milk tea on the roadside and a bag of potato chips at the gate of the mall.

so many calories are missed, so that your daily intake of calories is still in the state of exceeding the standard, but what you record is qualified, there is a certain deviation between ideal and reality.

first of all, calculate the calories of all the food you eat. If possible, you can weigh it. Because only by using a scale, we can know the weight of a bowl of rice? What’s the heat?

because a lot of food needs to be weighed, it will be very cumbersome, but many things can be done only by repeating them a few times. For example, if you fill a bowl of rice to the full state of 200 grams, then later when you serve rice to this level, you can know that this is the state of 200 grams, which is much more accurate than you just estimate.

first of all, we should moderately reduce the intake of staple food, try to give up sweets, eat less animal fat, try to keep the taste light, and put less salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and other seasonings when cooking or eating out.

as we mentioned in the past, salt does not have heat, but it allows your body to store water. This will keep your weight in a steady state that you can’t lose. It will also make some people feel edema and look fat. 2