Experts call on parents to be wary of children’s online programs

According to a recent social survey in the United States, online programs suitable for children to watch are common, and online marketing of junk food and sugary drinks accounts for an absolute proportion. Researchers at New York University in the United States studied videos posted by five of the most popular online celebrities on YouTube last year, aged between three and 14, the cable Daily said. The study found that, in 418 programs, as many as 179 videos showed food or beverage marketing traces, and in 90% of the cases, they did not belong to the category of healthy catering, and these videos were widely spread, and the total number of watching has exceeded 1 billion. Prague, a public health nutrition expert at New York University, said parents should be wary of online programs their children watch. Many parents think that some online programs hosted by “children’s online celebrities” are just to let their children watch other people’s “how to play”. However, little do they know that the small online celebrities will take advantage of their age to promote junk food to their peers and make significant profits. Dr. radsky, an expert on children’s issues in the United States, called for an end to the “carrying of goods” of minors on video websites. Researchers from New York University also believe that the Federal Trade Commission and relevant state departments should step in and tighten up the marketing of online programs to children. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE