Experts of two kinds of charging schemes after the inclusive of kindergartens in Xi’an

Recently, the Chinese business daily news hotline has received a number of parents’ feedback, saying that Futian Vanke kindergarten, located in Wanke Jinyu Huafu District, Fengcheng No.9 Road, has been transformed into a inclusive kindergarten since September, with a prescribed fee of 1500 yuan. Parents say that the class group has solicited opinions, one of which is 2006 yuan, and the other is the original charging standard of 2806 yuan, all of which include the meal fee and are divided into a And B option, let parents continue to choose.

“because it was collected from the parents group, I didn’t agree with it in my heart, but I was worried that the teacher had some opinions, so I chose the original high fee, and some parents didn’t say anything.” Ms. Wang, the parent, said that it was August 19, and the solicitation of opinions was issued by the family Committee, not by the teacher. According to the scheme within the group, if we accept inclusive education, we will charge 2006 yuan per month and 1500 yuan plus 506 yuan for meals. If we cancel the special courses, the number of class members will increase to more than 40. If we do not accept the inclusive program, we will charge 2806 yuan per month, 2300 yuan plus 506 yuan per meal Fees, curriculum and class size remain unchanged, and 450 yuan of teaching materials are given every year.

a middle school parent told reporters that in front of the two options, kindergartens are obviously biased, and they are definitely inclined to the second one, because kindergartens are for profit, and as parents, no one wants their children to be wronged and treated differently. Under this premise, many parents choose not to accept inclusive benefits, only to understand afterwards that they may have been stereotyped. Because most of the parents in secondary three support inclusive education, they implement the inclusive standard.

“according to the meaning of the kindergarten, kindergartens should have two modes, inclusive class and non inclusive class. Is this in line with the regulations?” Said the parent, Ms. Liu. “Is this how the policy of inclusive kindergartens is implemented? Do our parents have a choice? ” Another parent, Ms. Xie, said that if kindergartens want to implement the dual track education mode, the choice of inclusive education means that the number of students will increase and the quality of education will decline. Which parent would like their children to be treated differently?

parents told reporters that they had called 12345 to complain about this matter, and they also complained to the Education Bureau of economic development zone. Seeing that the school is about to start, parents still have no idea how to implement the kindergarten.

in this regard, on August 26, the relevant person in charge of the kindergarten explained to the reporter of the Chinese business daily that the kindergarten strictly implemented the policy of the Education Bureau on the inclusive park. The reason for the solicitation of opinions was that the kindergarten held an activity on the afternoon of August 18, inviting parents’ representatives to supervise the perfection of the recipe. Some parents proposed the price of inclusive, and wanted to know about the original special courses of the kindergarten, such as whole brain class Will Cheng et al. Be affected. Considering the high rent and high cost of kindergarten, the income will drop after the implementation of inclusive kindergarten fees, so the original characteristic courses will be cancelled. However, there will be no decline in the quality of education due to the teaching contents in the five major fields stipulated by the Education Bureau. At that time, many parents proposed that they came to this kindergarten for characteristic education and did not care about the cost. Later, it appeared that parents’ representatives solicited opinions from the group. “A total of 10 classes, 3 classes passed the characteristic education completely, one class preferred to be inclusive, and the other six classes supported characteristic education.” The official said that the implementation of inclusive price or the price of the special education has the final say of the parents. There is no formal opening of the school, so no final decision has been made.

on the morning of August 27, the reporter of China Business Daily reported the matter to the Education Bureau of economic development zone as a parent. The staff said that classes with different charges in the park were not allowed. This was not in line with the regulations. “No discrimination is allowed. Other kindergartens have implemented very well. There are problems with this kindergarten.” The staff said that the education department will strictly monitor this and will not allow illegal charging. “At present, there is no subsidy for the inclusive park. There is no subsidy for all the administrative regions and development zones. It is not only us who do not have subsidies.” He also said.

Mr. Zhang’s children want to go to small classes and have already paid the “space occupying fee” to the kindergarten in advance. The original kindergarten in the community should be charged 1750 yuan as a fee. According to the parents of the middle and large classes, the teacher informed two kinds of charging modes, one is the inclusive price, the other is 2500 yuan. The teaching quality is not the same. The inclusive kindergarten does not have English, and the school ends at 4:30. The English class with high tuition fee will be released at 6:00. “It’s a double standard. Children should be treated differently.” How much should parents pay for different education? He thinks that the standards should be unified. As for kindergartens, in order to make up for the losses, some interest classes can be offered for parents to choose by themselves.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Nanhu No. 1 community, also has the same problem. After the kindergarten in the community has been transformed into a inclusive kindergarten, the cost of care and education should be 1800 yuan. However, when the kindergarten held a parents’ meeting, the teacher once talked about it one-on-one and asked the parents to consider paying the original fee of 2800 yuan. “If 2800 yuan, plus more than 300 yuan for meals, 3000 yuan a month is really expensive, and there is no final standard yet.”

the reporter of Huashang daily learned from the Education Bureau of Qujiang New Area that the two kindergartens mentioned above must implement the inclusive kindergarten fee standard, and it is not allowed to set up high fee classes in the park. As for whether special courses can be offered, the staff said that parents should not be forced to adopt the principle of voluntariness.

in addition, a parent of a large class in Xi’an Greenland International Eco City kindergarten also said that if the kindergarten issued a notice to transfer to the inclusive kindergarten, the syllabus, teaching content and school time would change, and children would not be taught about the connection between kindergarten and primary school. “A class of 35 children, the group solicited opinions, 33 agreed to high fees.” The parent said that according to the original monthly education fee of 2500 yuan plus 396 yuan for meals, nearly 3000 yuan per month was spent, which was really too high. As the school has not yet started, it has not received the final charge notice.

it can be seen from the reflection that parents generally support the charging of inclusive Park, but they can not accept that the price reduction also reduces the teaching level, or the number of classes increases. They hope to maintain the level before the price reduction, and do not accept one park, two systems. They think that it will lead to different treatment of children in the park, which is not conducive to children’s physical and mental health. However, for their own interests, kindergartens hope to maintain the original level of fees. If there is a high price class, the education department must not implement the standard strictly.

“we hope that the government can have a practical subsidy policy for the inclusive park.” The person in charge of a private kindergarten in Xi’an said that the rent accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the kindergarten, and the real estate

“whether the government subsidizes the inclusive kindergarten, whether the subsidy is not in place or not, our kindergarten says that there is no subsidy.” Ms. Liu, the parent of the school, said that inclusive education is to benefit the general public. There must be no “one park, two systems” situation, and it can not be divided into “inclusive classes” and “non inclusive classes”.

according to the regulations, inclusive private kindergartens refer to non-profit private kindergartens run by social organizations or individuals other than state institutions with non-financial funds, which meet the requirements, have sound qualifications, have standardized management, are open to the public, have reasonable fees and have high quality.

the inclusive private kindergartens are recognized once a year and are valid for five years. Financial subsidies at all levels can be used to improve the conditions for running kindergartens, reduce rent, supplement play teaching aids, protect education and living facilities and equipment, and train teaching staff.

the county education authorities should strengthen the supervision and guidance of inclusive private kindergartens, implement the annual inspection system and dynamic management, cancel the qualification of running kindergartens according to the relevant requirements if the annual inspection fails and the rectification is not effective; in case of nonstandard kindergarten operation, violation of the law of preschool education, serious decline in the quality of care and education, confusion of financial management, illegal charging, and major safety responsibilities Therefore, once verified, they will be disqualified from the inclusive private kindergartens, stop enjoying the government’s support policies for inclusive private kindergartens, and shall not apply for inclusive private kindergartens within three years.

However, according to some education departments and kindergartens, at present, the inclusive kindergartens in some areas have not received actual subsidies. Xie Yufeng, an associate researcher at Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it is a good thing to vigorously promote the inclusive Park, but we should pay attention to the flexibility of the policy in the implementation, and there are specific supporting policies, so it is not appropriate to carry out a one size fits all policy.

“compared with public kindergartens, private kindergartens have their own particularity and market-oriented characteristics. They must make profits and pay attention to the operability of the inclusive policy.” He said that in order to carry out the policy well, we must consider the actual situation of private kindergartens, not only focus on price reduction, but also consider its sustainable and benign development. We should increase the strength and thickness of support, so that the private kindergartens that have been transformed into inclusive kindergartens can continue to improve the quality of education and realize a virtuous circle of the education industry on the basis of survival, so as to let more children Children enjoy high quality and inclusive kindergarten education. Focus