Exquisite attitude to life, reflected in these details!

Gu Jia, according to the season, change the tableware, sofa cushion color and bed style. Or ordinary people in life, no matter how busy they are at work and taking care of their children, they should set aside three hours to pamper themselves every weekend afternoon for a whole body spa and skin care. < p > < p > delicacy is not extravagance, but within the scope of one’s ability, one should not treat oneself badly and devote himself to improving the quality of life. Now let’s have a look at those small delicacies in Bajie’s mind! < p > < p > beauty needs management, and delicate girls must know how to treat their skin well. Use a little time every day to take good care of it, so that the daily maintenance becomes the “ritual feeling” of life.

sleep mask, as a popular beauty product, can quickly restore the state and complexion of the skin. In addition to the effect of replenishment and repair, sleeping mask is also equivalent to “fresh-keeping film”, which can lock nutrients and improve skin temperature, so that nutrients can be doubled and absorbed. When you wake up, you will see that the skin is restored to full and healthy state.

this mask is full of texture from the outer packaging. After opening it can smell the smell of flowers and honey. When smeared on the face, the smell of honey and flowers gradually spread, the fragrance is very healing, with proper massage, there is a feeling of Spa at home. Although autumn has begun, the temperature is still high recently. Go out for a long time, the scalp is easy to sweat oil, so that the hair flat flat paste scalp, not to mention how embarrassing.

if you are worried about such a situation, it is advisable to carry a hair free spray. When necessary, take it out and spray it to keep your hair fresh and fluffy at any time. At the same time, it also emits bursts of fragrance, which shows your delicate attitude.

this hair spray is light and easy to carry. At the same time, it can also quickly absorb oil, so that the hair root to restore dry and fluffy feeling, and after use, the hair will send out elegant fragrance, so good smell!

each exquisite girl’s dressing table will have a favorite perfume. The high face value is decorated on the dresser and is also beautiful in life. Spray your favorite perfume before you go out. Pleasant fragrance makes you feel good all day. At the same time, aroma is also a kind of embellishment, which can not only enhance the texture of wearing, but also add a lot of personal charm for yourself.

this perfume is designed for women who are eager to pursue their dreams. The transparent bottle is injected with golden Logo, echoing with the golden embossing on the neck, which is exquisite and personality. Perfume is based on flower fragrance and blended with rustic wood fragrance. It is very suitable for girls who are confident and independent. < / P > < p > in the face of busy and high-pressure urban life, it is inevitable to feel physically and mentally exhausted. Coupled with the life style of electronic products, many people have trouble sleeping at night.

what you need is something good that you can relax yourself. For example, before going to bed, you can spray some sleeping spray on your pillow, or add candles on the side of your bedroom, so that the whole space is full of relaxing and healing atmosphere. < / P > < p > life needs freshness, so you can decorate your home with scented candles. The smell of lavender has the effect of relaxing mood. It can be ignited before going to bed and feel surrounded by healing and soothing breath. With the progress of science and technology, our life also enjoys the convenience brought by technology. Skin care and beauty care is also the same, gradually from “manual care” to “instrument care”. < / P > < p > just like household beauty equipment, it is convenient and cost-effective to use, and its function can even be comparable to that of beauty salon, which greatly improves the effect of skin care and maintenance. Weekend free time, the use of beauty equipment for their own skin care, so that beauty care more effective, save time, but also a delicate lifestyle. < / P > < p > with this skin management instrument, you can experience the “small bubble” skin care project at home. Using water circulation vacuum negative pressure, the impurities in the pores will be sucked out. Then start the import mode, convergence pores, add moisture, one step in place. HEALTHY LIFE