Face up to breast cancer and keep away from misunderstanding

Once upon a time, we talked about cancer turning pale. At that time, cancer was the pronoun of incurable diseases. Cancer represented incurable diseases, which meant death, and the treatment of tumors meant that people and money were wasted. Now, we mention that cancer can be “lifted as heavy as light”. With the development of modern medicine, we have more medical means to deal with cancer. Some cancers are as common as chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. The treatment of these cancers can be managed as well as chronic diseases. < / P > < p > in fact, many cancer patients are accompanied by cancer, live with cancer, and live peacefully with each other. They are full of energy and enthusiasm. Some of them often appear on and off the screen. They have the courage to express themselves and transmit all kinds of positive energy. They are positive and progressive. They are not sick. Some of them try harder to enrich themselves and improve themselves, because they know more about the value of life and the meaning of life after their illness. They love sports and make friends. Some of them are more active than healthy people. They know how to maintain themselves and pay more attention to life and health after suffering from cancer. < p > < p > with the increase of tumor incidence and diagnosis rate year by year, as well as the rapid and convenient information transmission, we are no longer unfamiliar with cancer. At the same time, with the improvement of tumor survival rate, the number of tumor survivors is increasing rapidly, and the quality of life is constantly improving. We are no longer blindly afraid of cancer. The popularization of the awareness of physical examination and the expansion of medical resources greatly facilitate the early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of tumors, and optimize the treatment efficiency, treatment effect and treatment efficiency of tumors, so that patients can live with dignity and dignity. #Breast cancer, as the largest cancer of women, is not so terrible, because breast cancer is a cancer with many treatment methods and good treatment effect. The development of physical examination means that breast cancer can be found early, early diagnosis and treatment, has brought a significant rise in the cure rate. < / P > < p > the breast cancer in my memory is like this. Maybe the picture is frightening and I can’t bear to look at it directly, but once I look at it, I will never forget it. Although the patient standing in front of me has no expression, she is well dressed and can feel her temperament from a distance. But when she took off her clothes and exposed her chest, she saw a huge, hard, purplish red tumor rising high on her breast, with traces on the surface as if she had been beaten by countless belts. The deep depression in the middle of the tumor, like a volcano, is covered with white yellow secretion inside and outside, like cream thrown from a cake. Although it has been wiped, it can not be wiped clean. The bottom of the secretion is mixed with red and yellow tissues and debris, soaking in the slowly exuding turbid liquid, like a small animal drowned in a jar of stagnant water. I don’t know when the nipple has been lost, nor can we find the location and trace of the nipple. The skin color of breast is dark, local red, piece by piece, covered with large and small pimples, the largest tumor, may be the size of rice or mung bean, dense, red and black, pimples gradually extend outward, gradually reduce, gradually shrink. The axillary lymph nodes are swollen, with one of the largest, which has been pushed outward to the inside of the arm, accompanied by some swelling and pain. When upright position, the arm can’t hang down naturally, always like to stick in the waist. The arm is a little swollen than the other side. It seems hard to reach for something when you want to. < / P > < p > when breast cancer develops to such a degree, it is often impossible to do so without three years and five years. It’s hard to understand that a normal person doesn’t feel the pain, doesn’t realize the illness, and doesn’t want to be treated urgently. In the past, the medical conditions were poor, the economic income was low, and she was worried about the high cost of treatment and the heavy burden of disease. She would rather save money and give up treatment for the sake of her family. At first, she was not worried about the high cost of treatment. Moreover, she had the medical insurance with the highest reimbursement rate in our local area. At first, she seemed to want to give up and refuse treatment. Later, the development of her condition was much slower than expected. She tried traditional Chinese medicine, and the situation seemed to improve for a time, but the tumor continued to grow. Breast cancer is not so easy to die, but it torments people, tumor exudates change clothes, tumor odor can not be seen, tumor bleeding tightly oppressed, tumor pain, gnawing teeth endure. Bilateral breasts one big and one small, one high and one low, it is difficult to choose underwear. A variety of medical and non-medical difficulties have followed. Every day, they need to spend a lot of energy to take care of the tumor and spend a lot of energy to avoid being detected, which is different from the underground workers who have spiritual beliefs and confidentiality system. Fortunately, such cases have become increasingly rare. In the past, radical resection of breast cancer was needed as far as possible, which brought a variety of complications and impact on the quality of life. Now more and more breast cancer patients have received breast conserving and axillary conserving therapy, and thus benefit. The continuous development of chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy and other drugs, so that patients have more choices, treatment has a better effect. Through standardized treatment, many patients can survive for more than 10 years after cancer. < / P > < p > at the beginning of treatment, patients are inevitably worried and even afraid of difficulty. However, with the progress of treatment, patients actively help each other, exchange information and share information, and organize the learning of breast cancer related knowledge, so that patients have a different understanding of their own condition, and their life is more refined. They take part in group activities, they volunteer and share their experiences with more people. They are more and more confident in themselves and continue to be hopeful about the future. Their practice has been recognized by more and more people. Although breast cancer is becoming younger and younger, through treatment, they can continue to work, get married and have children, have beautiful shapes, elegant curves, continue to dominate the workplace, and continue to shelter their children. Most of the treatment drugs are Medicare, and the cost of self-supporting treatment has been falling again and again, and the disease burden has been greatly reduced. They can continue to use their hard-working hands to create their own wealth and realize their ideals and aspirations. < / P > < p > the progress of modern medicine has created a lot of miracles and cured many diseases that were originally hopeless. Cancer is no longer a dead end. Life can still bloom. I hope more patients can believe in doctors, advocate science, cure the disease and spread love. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this