Facial cleanser does not have to choose expensive, good reputation of three kinds of domestic facial cleanser, easy to use and cheap

For girls, skin care products and cleansing products are usually the largest consumption, for our skin is also free. In daily life, cleaning the face is the most important step in our skin care, so girls are also very concerned about cleansing products. Many girls think that facial cleanser must be expensive, which is not necessarily. < / P > < p > many domestic products are a little less famous than foreign brands, but while ensuring the quality of products, the price has always been very close to the people and cost-effective. For facial cleanser, it should be clean, mild and not irritating to the skin, and the skin is not dry after washing. All these requirements can be met by domestic facial cleansers. Next, we will introduce some domestic facial cleansers that are easy to use and cheap. < / P > < p > this facial cleanser can be said to be a classic in the field of cleansing. Every time you squeeze the size of the soya bean, you can knead a lot of fine foam with a little water, and your face is very comfortable. < / P > < p > with a light fragrance, it gives people a very relaxed feeling. Its cleaning power is very good, can wash away the dirt and grease on the face, after washing, the face is not dry, there is no need to worry about the tightness. < / P > < p > although the price of this facial cleanser is cheap, it is really easy to use, and it is no worse than big brands. This cleansing cream is rich in amino acids, mild, deep cleansing, and can effectively remove grease and dirt. After use,

is rich in amino acids and moisturizing ingredients. With a variety of plant ingredients, it can deeply clean pores, remove bacteria and mites, cool and control oil, moisturize and moisturize, massage gently, and easily remove grease and dirt. After washing, the skin is smooth and bright! < p > < p > amino acid facial cleanser is the most skin friendly and mild facial cleanser among all facial cleansers. It is suitable for all kinds of skin, children and old people, especially for sensitive and acne skin.

squeezed out is a common paste. With water, it can produce delicate and rich foam. Massage can gently wash off the makeup and residual oils on the skin. 2