Family members of 14-year-old middle school students’ sudden death in night running: missing “golden three minutes”

On the night of October 12, a 14-year-old middle school student in Wuhan suddenly fell to the ground during a night run. The school surveillance video showed that more than 10 minutes after the student fell to the ground, doctors from the nearby community hospital rushed to the school playground for cardiopulmonary compressions; 25 minutes later, 120 ambulances sent the students to the hospital, and the rescue was ineffective that night. After the incident, parents questioned the safety awareness and management mechanism of the international school students attended. Ms. Hu received a phone call from her boarding teacher at about 7 o’clock. On the phone, the teacher told Ms. Hu that her son suddenly fell to the ground while running that night, “no response to any call” and asked the child whether he was “sick or not”. Ms. Hu then drove from Hankou to the school in Wuchang. On the way that the child has not responded, “I asked the teacher to do CPR quickly.” Ms. Hu said she had worked as a flight attendant and learned first aid before. On the phone, she asked if the above-mentioned life teacher had a male teacher nearby, “do CPR quickly.” The teacher replied, “there are a lot of people around, we are calling him.”. After hanging up twice, when she contacted the teacher again, she was told, “it has been called 120.” Ms. Hu was sent to the emergency department for more than 30 minutes. After entering the emergency room, Ms. Hu found that “the son’s eyes are open and his body has no sense.” < / P > < p > the ambulance driver participating in the first aid told Ms. Hu’s family that the child had no vital characteristics when receiving the information from the 120 platform. The death certificate issued by the hospital showed that the death was 14 years old and the death time was 9:41 p.m. the direct cause of death was “sudden death”. The interval from onset to death: 40 minutes. Five days after the incident, Ms. Hu, who was on the verge of mental breakdown, was still unable to accept the fact that her son had suddenly left. “The child was facing the ground, and his legs were shaking when he fell down.” In the eyes of Ms. Hu and her family, if the teachers and school doctors of her son’s boarding school can give first aid, the child’s life may be saved. According to Ms. Hu, at 7:35 p.m. on the 12th, at the end of self-study, more than a dozen children in her son’s class gathered and “ran around” on the playground. “After running for two laps, my son walked to the playground inside the track and fell to the ground.” After the incident, Ms. Hu’s relatives and friends went to the school monitoring room to check the monitoring video. A 26 minute surveillance video provided to reporters showed that at 7:39:10 p.m., a boy was lying on the playground with his feet kicking. After 10 seconds, his movement stopped. Meanwhile, a female teacher stood by and bent down to check. < / P > < p > the video shows that at about 7:46, a female school doctor came running with a first-aid kit, and then turned the boy lying on the ground and lay on his front. At about 7:50, a man in a white coat walked quickly to the scene. According to Ms. Hu’s relatives and friends, the doctor who came to the nearby community hospital from the school came. After the doctor arrived, he and the female school doctor took turns to give the boy cardiopulmonary compression first aid, and the pressing lasted until about 8:03 when the ambulance arrived. Ms. Hu’s relatives and friends also said that in the meantime, the school teacher dialed 120 at 7:48 that night. After the tragedy, Ms. Hu believed that the international school her son attended had omissions in safety awareness and management mechanism, and she was responsible for her son’s accidental death. Ms. Hu and her relatives and friends questioned that the team leader of the school’s night running is not a professional sports teacher, and the school has not done enough preventive measures for the risks existing in students’ sports. < / P > < p > what they can’t let go is that “the school doctor didn’t take emergency measures for the dead at the first time, and missed the” golden three minutes “of cardiopulmonary resuscitation Ms. Hu said that according to her relatives and friends, after the incident, “the school doctor who came to first aid did not obtain the professional qualification certificate.” Ms. Hu said she and her husband had been “afraid to go to school” after her son’s sudden death. In the three rounds of negotiations with the school on behalf of their relatives and friends, the school thinks that in addition to the guardianship responsibility for boarding students, the school has no direct responsibility for the “sudden death” of students. “The school said that the students’ night running has never happened. It is not the direct cause of the death of the students that the school doctors did not take the first aid measures However, the school did not respond positively to “the school doctor did not obtain the professional qualification certificate”. Ms. Hu’s relatives and friends who negotiated with the school said. On the afternoon of October 17, the reporter contacted the executive principal of the school by telephone. After knowing the identity of the reporter, the principal, surnamed Wan, asked the reporter to “contact the legal affairs of the school”. When the reporter further indicated that he hoped to obtain the school’s opinions and opinions on the parents’ query, the other party directly hung up the phone. Focus