Fangwenshan joint brand new Guochao, xuelingfei amino acid cleanser to understand!

Since ancient times, China’s skin care market has always been one of the best in the world. During the period of the Republic of China, there have been many domestic skin care products. Until now, China’s skin care market has been constantly expanding, and domestic skin care enterprises are also constantly expanding. Under such fierce competition, Xue Lingfei successfully occupied the market by virtue of natural skin care, high cost performance and high reputation score A certain domestic skin care products market, today it and Fang Wenshan brand new national style facial cleanser came, new national tide is coming, what surprise Can Xue Ling Fei bring this time.

since the online sale of Xueling Fei, it has been the third generation of updated facial cleanser. From the beginning of Lily cleanser to the new listing of ancient style facial cleanser, every time is making progress, each is updating, and every time there are new changes. It is necessary to explore what kind of surprise Xueling Fei has brought us this time.

Princess Xueling’s new arrival brings her co branded style with Fang Wenshan. As we all know, Fang Wenshan is a famous lyricist. Fang Wenshan’s lyrics have a very strong feature, which is to create a strong sense of film through the stacking of images. It is his unique feature that the artistic conception of the ancient style is put into it unconsciously. This time, the strong combination of the ancient style lyricist and the national enterprise has brought a new package of Xueling imperial concubine facial cleanser.

the new package of Xueling Princess adopts the national style design. The general background is landscape painting, which is very much like a director’s exquisite setting. On the painting is Fang Wenshan’s exclusive lyrics to Xue Ling Fei. One of the most impressive words is that “the legendary princess Xueling is still far away from the secular world, so let the temperature after writing a pen go a unique way.” It means that Xue Ling Fei always takes her own unique road on the road of domestic products, and insists on her own in the domestic market, makes her products to the extreme and aspires to become a big and strong national enterprise.

“this story is performed by myself, every step of natural purity; this time, how to describe beauty, I will interpret it myself.” This is also Fang Wenshan’s new lyrics for Xueling imperial concubine. It also implies that the natural pure water composition of Xueling imperial concubine this time. How to describe beauty can only let Xueling Princess give it to you.

the new edition of Xueling princess has been improved. The ancient cleaning steps of villains in the ancient costume Q version are printed on the outside of the packaging, which makes the whole ancient style packaging more playful. You can learn about the cleaning procedures of ancient women on the packaging. In the classical style, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed when you clean your face. The cute and lovely ancient style facial cleanser looks at the city Very nice.

new Vincent Fang’s joint national wind Amino Acid Cleansing Cream is mild to the extreme. Lauryl sulfosuccinate two sodium is the “little celebrity” in the active agent. It is mild and soft like saline, which helps the foaming of cleansing cream, and every time you clean face gets a favor of foaming. Plus coconut sodium glycine is the surfactant of amino acid. It is also one of the important ingredients commonly used in baby and children’s products. It is mild and does not stimulate people’s mind. It is more comfortable to use at will, and there is no need to worry about the sensitive muscles. The new Xueling Fei facial cleanser is a water-free formula. It uses effective ingredients to replace water, does not add additional water and does not dilute, which makes the facial cleanser more effective. It opens a new chapter of ingredients with archaic diction.

the improvement of ingredients also makes xuelingfei’s Amino Acid Facial Cleanser more effective. Daily light make-up, waterproof and sunscreen can be easily removed, and light makeup can be cleaned without makeup remover. Because of the addition of nicotinamide, you can have a new whiteness and brightness every time you wash your face, and your skin will not be so dark, so it is very suitable for daily use.

the appearance of Xueling Fei’s national style facial cleanser has really made a great breakthrough. The design of national style is in line with the publicity concept of xuelingfei’s national brand, and there is a new breakthrough in the composition. This time, Xueling Fei gives us a big surprise. 08/16/2020