“Fart” a lot of things, fart know health! “Fart” is like this, or is the colon cancer signal!

If you are in a very formal or very quiet situation, suddenly want to fart, feel a bit can’t help, you will continue to hold back, or will you let it out? I believe many people will think that it is not elegant to fart in public, and they don’t want to destroy the atmosphere. But if you want to know the harm of suffocation, I believe you will not do so.

when we eat, we will enter the stomach with food along with the air. After food enters the gastrointestinal digestion, some gases will be produced. These gases can only be photographed out of the body through two ways: one is burping, the other is farting. Farting is a kind of physiological manifestation that the gas in the stomach is discharged from the body through the peristalsis of the intestine.

that’s because we have eaten the food of sulfur-containing chicken chicks. The common vegetables are cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other cabbage family vegetables, as well as meat with high sulfur content, such as beef, and other foods, such as milk, onion, garlic and eggs. Sulfur rich food after digestion, hydrogen sulfide and other substances will be produced, the body’s fecal odor gas will increase, so the fart will be very smelly.

flatus can be divided into two situations. One is temporary suffocation, which will return to the large intestine and be released together with the next fart; the other is long-term Bi Bi Bi, which will be re absorbed by intestinal mucosa, then ascend, and finally discharged from the mouth. This situation will cause halitosis.

fart is actually the waste gas produced by human metabolism, which contains more harmful substances, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and so on. If the fart is choked, these toxic substances will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, which will definitely cause discomfort to the body. If this is the case for a long time, there will be dyspepsia, low spirits and even chronic poisoning. This shows the harm of suffocating fart to human body.

China is a high incidence area of colorectal cancer, which is a common digestive tract cancer. If abnormal farting is also one of the identification signals of intestinal cancer, how can we identify whether the intestinal tract is healthy by farting?

under normal circumstances, adults fart about 6-9 times a day. If it exceeds this number and the smell is very smelly, you should pay attention to it. If the fat or animal and plant protein is consumed too much, leading to the small intestine can not be fully digested and absorbed. If these foods enter the large intestine, the gas produced by fermentation will increase, and the number of farts will also increase, and the carcinogenic amine substances will be synthesized.

if it’s a rotten egg or smelly fart, you must pay attention to it. It may be that there is a problem in the gut, which is a danger signal from the digestive tract. If there is a foul smell of fart, it is to warn that the digestive tract has been bleeding. If the patient’s gastrointestinal blood appears, it will be decomposed by probiotics and gastric acid in the intestinal tract, which will lead to smelly fart and abnormal defecation. Moreover, when there are malignant tumors in the intestine, the internal erosion and bleeding caused by cancer tissue in the intestine will emit a foul smell after fermentation.

therefore, once the number of times of farting is more than 10 times, and the smell has a fishy smell, we must pay attention to see a doctor in time and do gastroscopy to prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this