Fascia gun should not be used blindly

For some time, the fascia gun, known as “muscle relaxation artifact”, has been favored by many comrades in arms. Everyone likes to massage with fascia gun after training to relieve muscle ache and eliminate training fatigue. However, improper use of fascia gun may stimulate blood vessels and lead to muscle spasm. Therefore, officers and soldiers should pay attention to the following points.

avoid sensitive and vulnerable parts. Blood vessels and nerves are widely distributed in the head and neck, the side of clavicle, the armpit and the medial side of the arm. External compression will destroy the regulation of the nervous system on cardiovascular activities, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and causing fainting. It is not recommended to use fascial gun to massage the spine, ankle, elbow joint and tail vertebrae to prevent injury.

it is forbidden to use the damaged parts. The use of fascial gun in cartilage injury and meniscus injury will stimulate periosteum and aggravate the injury. In case of muscle strain, ligament injury and fracture, the use of fascial gun should be stopped.

choose the appropriate massage method. In general, the chest muscles are transverse and the leg muscles are longitudinal. When massaging with fascial gun, the muscle texture and direction should be followed, with proper force and slow movement. At the same time, choose the appropriate vibration frequency and use time.

reasonable use of massage head. Air compression buffer head is suitable for soft tissue and sensitive muscle group; big ball head is suitable for big muscle groups such as pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi; small ball head is suitable for massaging big muscle groups such as arm, back and leg; flat head is suitable for relaxing and shaping muscle parts; cylindrical head is suitable for rubbing meridians, plantar and other deep tissues; U-head is mainly used for muscles on both sides of the spine, calf Achilles tendon and other parts Bit. 08/16/2020