Father and daughter both suffering from cancer: after 17 times of treatment failure, I accompanied my father through the last days

When cancer comes to an ordinary family, everyone will face a difficult choice: continue treatment or give up going home. And when more than one person in a family has cancer, what are their choices? Who should live?

in a family of three in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the father’s stomach cancer, the mother’s breast cancer, and the daughter’s lupus erythematosus can’t afford the three people’s treatment costs, so they have to abandon one of them. The parents draw lots to decide who will accompany their daughter.

in another family, the daughter’s thyroid cancer recurred and her father was found to have liver cancer. They took care of each other and encouraged each other. Finally, the father decided to give up chemotherapy. What should the daughter do?

as we all know, due to limited conditions, the cost of treatment for a cancer patient is beyond the ordinary family’s ability to afford. Unfortunately, all three of the COMEY family are sick.

many years ago, Ke Meinan was diagnosed with gastric cancer. After surgery, he had to take medicine for a long time to maintain his health. Ke Meinan’s wife Wang Huaying is suffering from breast cancer. After the operation, she has to go to the hospital for reexamination every once in a while. Their only daughter, also found to have lupus erythematosus.

in order to cure their daughter’s illness, Ke Mei’s husband and wife spent all their savings and brazenly asked relatives and friends to borrow money. Although nearly 200000 yuan has been spent on her daughter’s treatment, her renal function has not yet recovered, and she still has to undergo hemodialysis every day. After several sleepless nights, Ke Meinan and his wife made a last resort decision: to give up one person and draw lots to decide who would stay with her daughter.

Ke Meinan has made an account. Even if his family sells iron by smashing pots and pans, he can only afford the cost of treatment for two people. It means that there is a man between him and his wife who wants to give up his life. Finally, Ke Meinan’s wife, Wang Huaying, was granted the right of exemption from death.

Wang Huaying wept because she knew that the two pieces of paper her husband took out for herself were white paper, and the person who drew the white paper had the right to live.

at the age of 11, she had thyroid cancer surgery and recovered well. Unexpectedly, more than 20 years later, thyroid cancer made a comeback and relapsed. For Begonia, surgery is a common practice. She has an optimistic character and thinks that she will be able to tide over the difficulties.

during Haitang’s second thyroid cancer surgery, her father was diagnosed with liver cancer. Even though there was confusion, fear and despair, soon, Begonia and his father accepted the fate and began to receive treatment together.

after treatment, Begonia’s condition began to stabilize, but her father went from bad to worse. From the diagnosis of liver cancer to now, Begonia’s father has carried out a major operation, 14 times of interventional treatment and 2 times of radiofrequency treatment, but the disease has not been effectively controlled.

in addition, my father’s side effects were particularly obvious during the course of chemoradiotherapy. On several occasions, my father hinted that Begonia was too painful to give up. However, Begonia still did not want to give up a glimmer of hope, imploring his father to persist.

later, Begonia’s father went to the pain department, a ward full of people who were dying in the past. He saw despair in his eyes and groaned in his ears.

at the end of the year, at the repeated request of his father, Begonia and his family painfully agreed to his father’s request: to end chemotherapy and preserve the final dignity of life. After discharge, Haitang’s father spent a quiet time at home, which was also the last time of his life. On his deathbed day, Begonia father’s eyes were tearful, and with the love of his family and the warmth of the world, he closed his eyes forever.

we often say that cancer is not a terminal disease, and it can not be completely equivalent to death penalty. However, for most ordinary families, a relative suffering from cancer can still insist. If there are more than two relatives suffering from cancer, the family will be crushed.

cancer is not formed overnight. Its appearance is the reflection of many bad habits in our daily life, and of course, the influence of genes is not excluded. We should take good care of our health and cherish our hard won health.

[2]. China Education Daily. April 4, 2019