Father of HPV vaccine for cervical cancer

At the third world top scientists forum held recently, CCTV reporters talked to Professor Harald Chur hausen via video link, and conducted an exclusive interview on the HPV vaccine issue that has attracted much attention.

Harald zur hausen, a German biomedical scientist, won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2008 for discovering the causes of cervical cancer.

Harald zur hausen was born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany in 1936. In 1976, he proposed the hypothesis that human papillomavirus (HPV) was the main cause of cervical cancer lesions. Together with his collaborators, he identified HPV16 and HPV18 viruses in cervical cancer in April 1983. This study directly laid the foundation for the cervical cancer vaccine to be launched in 2006. At present, the incidence rate of cervical cancer ranks second in China.

according to Harald Chur hausen, human papillomavirus is widespread in human populations. As far as we know, there are about 400 kinds of human papillomavirus, but only a few of them are associated with human diseases. It is understood that HPV is the main pathogen inducing cervical cancer, and nearly 99% of cervical cancer is related to HPV. He stressed that not all women infected with HPV will suffer from cervical cancer, most infected people can start the body’s immune system to eliminate the virus and deal with infection.

Harald zur hausen said that HPV vaccine has no therapeutic effect on existing virus infections, it can only prevent new and specific types of HPV infection. And only if you vaccinate early enough will the vaccine work against cancer. If you have cancer, vaccination will not help.

there is no risk-free vaccine. According to data from an Australian study, the risk of significant side effects, such as allergic reactions to the protein components of the vaccine, is very low among the 1 million people vaccinated with HPV. In general, HPV vaccine is safe, except for a few reported cases of mild temperature rise after vaccination.

Harald zur hausen explained that Germany suggested that the age of HPV vaccination should be set before the age of 25. But he stressed once again that if a person has never had sexual experience, even at the age of 40 or 50, it is still worth vaccinating, and the vaccine is effective.

according to Harald Chur hausen, men do not suffer from cervical cancer, but they are the main carriers of HPV. Because men are more active in the transmission of HPV virus, HPV vaccination for men can first protect their partners; secondly, they can also protect men themselves, because HPV can cause other cancers, but their probability of getting sick is much lower than that of women with cervical cancer. Focus