Fatty liver patients exercise, choose walking or running? Keep in mind the 4 points to avoid affecting the condition

Walking is one of the most popular sports, because the intensity of walking is not particularly high, it can be insisted on, and can be carried out anytime and anywhere. When walking, the pressure on the knee is relatively small, not easy to damage the knee joint, not easy to produce accidents, relatively safe. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. Its disadvantage is that it consumes less heat. It can only consume 200-300 kilocalories per hour. If you want to achieve a certain amount of exercise, you have to extend the time of fast walking. < p > < p > here we mainly talk about jogging, fatty liver patients are not suitable for the kind of sprint with large amount of exercise and pursuing speed. Compared with fast walking, jogging consumes a lot of calories, from 500 kcal to 700 kcal per hour. And jogging is better than walking to exercise people’s cardiopulmonary function. But its disadvantages are also obvious, although not too pursuit of running places, but if the place is not good, it is prone to danger. And running also puts more pressure on the joints. Obese people are more likely to hurt their knees. < / P > < p > if patients with fatty liver want to exercise to lose their visceral fat, they need to grasp the intensity of exercise. If the exercise intensity is too low, there is no good effect. If the exercise intensity is too high, it will aggravate people’s fatigue and affect their eating and sleeping. Aerobic exercise can consume more fat, while anaerobic exercise can reduce lipid metabolism and aggravate fatty liver. The patient had better choose aerobic exercise such as running, walking, playing ball, etc. anaerobic exercise can be interspersed to exercise, but also pay attention to the intensity and time. Today, although it has entered autumn, the aftertaste of summer has not completely dispersed, and it will still be very hot in some areas of China. Fatty liver patients in this season should also consider this problem when exercising, to avoid the hottest time period from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It’s better to exercise in the morning or evening, otherwise it’s easy to get heatstroke. Moreover, in these two periods, the heat effect is high, and the exercise can work twice as much as half the work. < / P > < p > for patients with fatty liver, on the one hand, they should exercise their body and control their illness, on the other hand, they should also control the negative effects of exercise. In order to reduce these negative effects, it is necessary to be well prepared. The full preparation mentioned here includes the preparation of sports equipment, the selection of sports venues, and the matters that need to be done at each stage in the process of sports. Be sure to do a good warm-up before exercise, otherwise it is easy to have accidents in the process of exercise. When you finish the exercise, you should do a good job of stretching, which can reduce the muscle pain caused by exercise. < / P > < p > both walking and running are suitable for patients with fatty liver disease. Choose the right exercise according to your own situation and preference. Exercise time to pay attention to the above several items, so as to improve the efficiency of exercise, for the disease is helpful. 08/16/2020