Feeding skills of puppies

Almost all the excrement collectors think that dogs that are raised from childhood will be more emotional close! But when dogs were young, their body resistance was poor, and their digestive system was not good. Most of the poo collectors had no experience of feeding puppies. It was easy to take care of the puppies! Don’t be afraid, the small editor now teaches you the scientific method of feeding puppies, follow the small editing, to ensure you a healthy and lively puppy!

within a month of the baby’s birth, the pooch collector needs to give the dog mother the responsibility of taking care of the dog baby. The best assistant is to ensure the nutrition of the dog mother’s diet! Like our human beings, there is no food better for new babies than breast milk. And the dog baby needs the company of brothers and sisters. It will learn social interaction in the life with other dog babies, learn to adjust the bite force and understand their position in the competition.

when the puppies are full of 45 days, they can be vaccinated against diseases. Different preventive vaccines are different for different diseases. The excrement collector can choose according to their own needs. The most important thing is to choose a regular medical institution to vaccinate. be careful! When the puppies are 3 months old, they can get rabies vaccine! Rabies vaccine can only handle dog certificate, with dog certificate can do the consignment for dogs, then the garbage collector can take the dog to fly around by high-speed rail! Enter the official account of “Chengdu canine tube”, click the “dog management” button, and choose “epidemic prevention service” to check the epidemic prevention station near you.

the puppies’ gut and stomach development is not complete, and the body is in the golden stage of development. If the diet structure is not paid attention, the dog is easy to suffer from gastrointestinal injury or malnutrition! For puppies, the correct feeding method should be a small number of meals, fed with soft or semi-solid food, dogs aged 4 to 12 months should be fed 3 to 5 times a day, food can be slowly over fed from soft food to hard food, and attention should be paid to the balance of nutrition of meat and vegetables, and calcium and vitamins can be properly supplemented! Note: never feed puppies with hard and hard to digest food such as chicken bones. The intestines and stomach of puppies are very fragile. If you are not careful, it may cause great damage! When a dog is 3 months old, it is a golden time for habit training and behavior training. If you want to get a obedient and sensible dog, you should start training from now on!

put a dog in a place suitable for puppies to go to the toilet. Put a dog’s diaper or newspaper on it. When the dog wants to excrete, it will be taken to the diaper. When the dog wants to excrete, he will pee in the newspaper as soon as he smells the smell of urine. During training, it is important to note that diapers should not move the place or wipe them with smelly disinfectant water so that dogs can find the place to go to the toilet through smell. 2. Training dogs to listen to the words

dogs do not understand what people say, they need to hand gestures and intonation to train. If the pup barks at night, it should first say the words of stopping and make the action of stopping. Like saying “no” and raising hands to do “hit” action, if the dog timely correct, the poo collector can feed a little snack to encourage! 3. Training dogs to adapt to dog ropes

dog ropes is not the dog’s bondage, but the protection of dogs. Many dogs don’t like being pulled because they don’t develop habits from childhood. Every time you go out, you should bring the dog rope. If the dog refuses to go out, you must train many times until you let the dog walk the dog and connect it with the dog rope!

above is the little dog feeding skill prepared by the small editor for the poo collector! I hope you pick up shit officials to study hard, in the future, small compilation will bring more scientific dog raising, civilized dog raising knowledge! Here, I wish every dog and baby poo collector is a healthy and happy elf!