Female aging signs: “3 more, 2 loose, 1 big” is very prominent, if not, congratulations are still very young

Aging is an inevitable physiological process in one’s life. Both men and women will experience it, but some people are earlier, while others are later.

according to statistics, the average life expectancy of women is longer than that of men, but the age at which women begin to age is often the first. Women’s aging is the body will also be “barefoot.”.

wrinkles are an important sign of aging, especially the wrinkles on the face. Many women begin to have wrinkles on their eyes when they are about 20 years old, which is called fishtail.

with the gradual growth of age, facial wrinkles will become more and more obvious, such as law lines, head raising lines, mouth lines, etc., which indicates that aging has accelerated.

years urge people to grow old. Nine out of ten women are afraid of wrinkles. Indeed, once wrinkles appear on their faces, they will be older than their peers. Therefore, after 25 years old, anti-aging maintenance should be carried out.

with the gradual growth of age, women’s sex hormone levels will be abnormal, especially the estrogen will gradually decline, leading to endocrine imbalance, and more prone to face spots, such as chloasma.

the appearance of color spots on the face may also be related to long-term exposure to sunlight, which can cause sunburn. Ultraviolet rays can also cause great damage to the skin and accelerate the aging of the skin.

under normal circumstances, women don’t grow whiskers. When a woman’s androgen secretion is too high, she will grow obvious whiskers, which also shows that your whiskers gradually increase, affecting a person’s life.

for women with strong estrogen secretion, the gradually excessive androgen level indicates that the ovary has problems, which is also one of the important manifestations of premature ovarian failure.

the decline of ovarian function will affect the hormone secretion in women’s body, especially estrogen, which will lead to abnormal hormone secretion, and the beard will become more and more obvious.

it’s not particularly obvious when you put on your underwear, but when you sleep, it’s obvious that even some women are becoming less and less confident because of their ugly breasts.

in fact, women can exercise their chest muscles properly when they are young, which can help you have a straight chest. Sagging chest is an important sign of aging.

when you are young, everyone will have buttocks, and the figure curve is very perfect. However, with the growth of age, the collagen in the body will gradually lose, and the buttocks will gradually droop.

some women’s buttocks are loose and big, and their clothes are very ugly. Moreover, the whole person’s image and temperament are all gone. The relaxation of the buttocks is also one of the signs of women’s aging.

if you find that your hips are sagging, you must avoid sitting for a long time and exercise properly. You can wear a skirt to cover up your ugliness at ordinary times, which can at least give people psychological satisfaction.

some women will find that their waistline is getting thicker and thicker even though their appetite has not increased. In fact, this is related to sedentary and lack of exercise.

with the increase of age, the body’s metabolic rate will gradually slow down, and the heat in the body will be converted into fat. It is inevitable that there will be a large amount of fat in the stomach, which will make the waistline bigger and bigger.

staying up late for a long time will lead to insufficient sleep. The direct result is that the rest of the body organs and brain is not enough, which will accelerate the aging of the body and affect the discharge of toxic waste.

women with slow aging can generally have a good sleep, which can not only eliminate the fatigue of the body, but also help to care for the detoxification and repair of various organs, but also help to enhance physical fitness and delay aging.

smoking can make people addicted, including women. Although women do not smoke as much as men, they are likely to be difficult to quit. It not only damages lung health, but also accelerates the aging process.

people who smoke for a long time will lead to women’s skin becoming more and more loose and inelastic, and will increase a lot of color spots and wrinkles, especially the wrinkles around the lips.

smoking can also affect the secretion of hormones in the body, and even lead to early laid-off of the ovary. If you don’t want to get old, you must quit smoking and stay away from the second-hand smoking environment.

some women especially like to eat desserts. Although they feel very enjoyable, they are easy to eat too much sugar, which damages the body’s absorption of protein and other nutrients.

excessive sugar intake will also damage protein fiber, which will easily lead to female skin aging or relaxation, and then wrinkles, accelerate aging, causing great harm to the body.

women with slow aging seldom eat desserts. Even if they eat desserts, they will control their intake, which helps to maintain skin, stabilize blood sugar level and make skin more compact.

long term sedentary inactivity will lead to a decline in the body’s metabolic rate, the body’s toxic waste can not be discharged normally, accelerate the process of aging, and even affect health. Focus