Female infant in Taiwan convulsed and comatose after receiving influenza vaccine

Oct. 22 (Oct. 22) in the early morning of 20, a Taiwanese man surnamed Lu drove a 9-month-old baby girl to the police station for help. He said his daughter had convulsions and coma after receiving the flu vaccine, so he had to rush to the hospital. The police immediately sounded the siren to warn the road. Fortunately, the baby was not in any serious trouble after seeing the doctor. < p > < p > according to Taiwan United News Network and other media reports on the 22nd, the Lu surnamed man in Xinbei city rushed into the sandang police station for help in the middle of the night. He said that his 9-month-old daughter had convulsions and coma after receiving the flu vaccine and needed to rush to the hospital. The police immediately decided to help with the whistle. The original 7.2km journey took about 20 minutes, and finally it took only 8 minutes to get to Beishi Xinguang hospital. < / P > < p > after the baby girl went to the hospital, there was no serious problem. The couple, surnamed LV, expressed their great gratitude to the police for their real-time assistance. The triple police branch said that in case of emergency rescue, it is best to give priority to the ambulance to get the most appropriate guidance and grasp the golden rescue time. In addition, the police also remind passers-by that if they hear the sirens of fire-fighting, ambulance and police vehicles while driving, even if they have the right of way with priority, they should give way immediately and do not delay the fire-fighting, rescue and disaster relief work. In response, Zhuang Renxiang, spokesman of Taiwan epidemic command center, said on the 22nd that no adverse reactions were reported in this case, and the health unit also asked the hospital. At present, the condition of the case has improved and can go home. 08/17/2020