Female reproductive system has no problem, leucorrhea will give the answer, these 6 abnormalities, do not let go easily

This kind of leucorrhea performance and egg white is similar, or some cloudy, in addition to leucorrhea increased, there are no other symptoms, most of which are the presence of chronic cervicitis or a kind of leucorrhea after taking hormone drugs. In addition, the vulva and vaginal wall are covered with a layer of white film. At the same time, the vaginal orifice is accompanied with pruritus, burning pain and other symptoms, mainly due to a large number of mold invasion leading to fungal vaginitis.

leucorrhea is yellow foam or gray and accompanied by acid odor. It may be caused by Trichomonas vaginitis. It is mainly related to the bathtub and bathtub used by patients with Trichomonas vaginitis. < / P > < p > most of bloody leucorrhea is related to malignant tumor, especially after husband and wife’s life, the increase of bloody leucorrhea should be vigilant, it may be the existence of cervical cancer, or cervical polyps, cervical erosion and so on can also lead to bloody leucorrhea. < / P > < p > clean the wet place with warm water every day, and pay attention not to use lotion, and try to wash it with flowing water. Using various lotions will lead to the destruction of vaginal flora and the micro ecological balance of vaginal flora will be broken, resulting in a large number of harmful bacteria invading and causing inflammation. Therefore, clean the vulva with clean water every day. < / P > < p > warm tips: female leucorrhea is a symbol of whether the reproductive system is normal, so when abnormal leucorrhea is found, timely medical treatment should be taken to understand the problem and take measures to avoid serious harm caused by the continuous development of the problem. In addition, because the female urethral orifice and vaginal orifice are close, urethra inflammation can cause vaginitis, so daily to drink more water, do not hold urine, urine will take away bacteria. Luanban