Female uterus “sick”, there are four “abnormal” on the face! If you love yourself, check yourself as soon as possible

The uterus is one of the most important organs in women’s body, which is of great significance to us. It can make us women feel happy, give birth to our next generation, and bring us a sense of happiness. At the same time, the most important thing is that it is closely related to the health of our women. The uterus is very important to our women’s body To an endocrine regulation, but also maintain the balance of hormones in our body, so we need to protect our uterus, but in today’s people will still have some habits to do harm to the uterus, but we may not be able to detect, but we can see these on our faces, then there are four kinds of “signals” on women’s faces to indicate that you need to Pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus, now let’s have a look! < / P > < p > women often have the problem of uterine cold, so we must pay attention to it. It will be shown on our face, that is, the uterus will feel cold due to the invasion of cold air, which will eventually precipitate melanin in our body, and then appear in the mouth, which indicates that our uterus may receive the invasion of cold, Must cause attention, performance in our mouth will often appear black purple phenomenon, we can suggest using hot towel compress for a while, but the final reason is still because of the uterus itself. < / P > < p > the long “beard” we are talking about is not like male, it is due to different physiological structure. Male is due to excessive secretion of androgen, so the hair on the body will be thicker, so this is a normal phenomenon. However, black hair grows on the edge of women’s mouth, which may be due to the endocrine disorder in our body, leading to the lack of hormone in the body Normal reasons, so we grow a “beard”, that we should start to pay attention to, may be because our uterus is not healthy, may be suffering from gynecological diseases, so it is recommended that women friends in this situation, the best is to see a doctor, check clearly, and must protect the uterus. < / P > < p > spots are the most headache for women, and women want to have their own perfect white skin, so they often use skin care products to maintain their appearance and prevent them from aging. Therefore, once chloasma grows, women will think of using cosmetics as a cover up, but it is useless to rely on cosmetics alone. We should consider whether it is their own body The reason may be that the endocrine balance in the uterus leads to the disorder of the body’s system and eventually leads to the problem of endocrine imbalance. Therefore, we must focus on whether our uterus is healthy and protect our uterus. < p > < p > dark circles under the eyes are also one of the problems that every woman worries about. Nowadays, it has become a common thing for young people to stay up late. After a long time of staying up late and lack of sleep, the disease in the uterus will aggravate, which will lead to abnormal physiological cycle, rheumatism and other diseases. In serious cases, it may occur for gynecological diseases, so we should not often endure Night, to protect the stable sleep quality is the most healthy life rule. PARRENT&CHILDREN