Female white-collar believe in “anti sugar” beauty fainting, doctor: sugar intake varies from person to person, not blindly

Xiaoye, a female white-collar worker in her 30s in a company, often breaks and eats irregularly, resulting in poor skin and dim complexion. After hearing that “anti sugar” can beautify and help anti wrinkle and whitening, he insisted on not eating sweets or rice a month ago, and eating vegetables or cucumbers was easy. One day for a month, Xiao Ye suddenly fainted in front of his colleagues and was sent to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed hypoglycemia after examination, and was relieved by adding sugar. < p > < p > the doctor said: lobular is due to a long period of time did not supplement carbohydrates, resulting in the body’s lack of nutrition, resulting in its own blood sugar is far below the normal value. More serious words may also lead to excessive decomposition of body protein or fat, ketoacidosis phenomenon, in order to pursue beauty blind anti sugar behavior is obviously not desirable. To put it simply, it is to control the intake of sugar containing products from the outside world. Because if people’s skin intake too much sugar, it will lead to the loss of collagen, which maintains our skin elasticity and wrinkles. Among them, the final product of sugar metabolism will also lead to the pigmentation of yellowing skin, so we think that we need to help the skin away from aging, we should choose anti sugar. Is sugar really the main cause of skin aging? Obviously not. There are many reasons for female skin aging, such as ultraviolet light in the sun, endocrine disorders and organ dysfunction, including inactivity, which can make our skin age. < / P > < p > on the other hand, sugar is extremely important to our body and is an important substance to maintain our energy. The body takes carbohydrates from food. After entering the human system, it is decomposed first, and then transported by blood to various cells, and then to the effect of supplying energy to the body. Therefore, we can’t beat sugar to death because of its bad side. Sugar is the main source of energy for our body. < / P > < p > the brain of such people is developing, which can not be separated from the intake of compounds in sugars, and work together to coordinate the body’s and promote brain development’s proteins and fatty acids. < / P > < p > these people have very low blood sugar in their bodies, so it is easy for them to have no blood color on their face, have unstable emotions, and suffer from hunger. Eating sugar can help them provide blood sugar and prevent accidental fainting. Therefore, such people usually put bread or chocolate in their bags to replenish energy at any time. People who often engage in sports work consume a lot of energy. A lot of exercise may lead to a low level of blood sugar, so we need to supplement sugar, so as to ensure the efficiency and quality of work. < / P > < p > with the popularity of anti sugar, all kinds of sugar substitutes were born. Although the calories are very low, the sugar substitutes in processed food are easy to make people rely on, and they think that they will not grow fat or hurt the skin. They will eat and drink a lot of sugar substitute products, which will lead to obesity and malnutrition. < / P > < p > in general, the natural food we eat also contains a variety of natural sugars, which are indispensable to the body. We can obtain sugars from this food. We should not eat any sugar because of giving up sugar. < / P > < p > many people add sugar to seasoning when cooking, and restaurants outside often use sugar to enrich the dishes. In this way, it is easy to let the sugar exceed the standard, so you can choose not to use sugar seasoning. < / P > < p > if you think that white rice contains a lot of sugars and compounds, which will cause blood sugar to rise, then add coarse grains to the staple food appropriately, which will lower the glycemic index and lower the calories than refined rice flour. < / P > < p > finally, we should clearly realize that the metabolism of normal people does not need to eat any sweet food to resist sugar, and the final products formed by glycosylation will be metabolized. Therefore, it is not necessary to deliberately “anti sugar”, and correct intake is an important condition to maintain health. Focus