Fetal arrest is not without symptoms, these five signals indicate that the fetus is dangerous and the pregnant mother should not be careless

According to statistics, the number of spontaneous abortions in China is about 1.2 million to 1.5 million every year, of which 50% are due to abortion.

this also means that as many as 500000 to 600000 mothers to be suffer from the physical and mental damage caused by the termination of the fetus every year. Abortion is the biggest threat to expectant mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy.

the description of a pregnant mother during pregnancy is actually a vivid display of the hardships that a pregnant mother bears during pregnancy. At the same time, pregnancy not only brings physical pain, but also causes a lot of pressure on the pregnant mother’s psychology: the pregnant mother is always worried about the safety of her baby.

in the recently popular TV series, the heroine Zhong Xiaoqin had an unexpected abortion after her pregnancy. While the audience felt sorry for Zhong Xiaoqin, it also let more people know about the pregnancy killer.

but what is the cause of fetal arrest? Is it true that there is no sign as shown in the TV series? All of these need to be gradually expanded from the concept of tire stop.

in medicine, abortion is called: when an embryo develops to a certain stage, the embryo dies, thus stopping the development process. And this process often occurs in the pre pregnancy stage.

through the concept of fetal arrest, it is not difficult for us to know that fetal arrest is actually a phenomenon in which the fetus stops developing at the cellular stage. At this time, the embryo in the cell stage is relatively fragile. The influence from the outside and the “natural defects” of the embryo itself will lead to the elimination of the embryo.

among them, there are many reasons for fetal arrest. In addition to the poor development and genetic factors of the embryo itself, the external environment, maternal age, pregnancy history, maternal blood type, endocrine factors, or environmental factors can all affect the normal development of the embryo, so as to cause fetal arrest.

in fact, before the occurrence of early pregnancy cessation, pregnant mothers often have some physical “early warning”, which actually tells the pregnant mother of the possible danger of the fetus.

if the pregnant mother’s pregnancy reaction is serious in the early pregnancy, especially for those pregnant mothers who often retch in the morning, if one day their pregnancy reaction weakens or even disappears, it actually implies that the baby in the pregnant mother may be in danger.

for those pregnant mothers who have no serious reaction to early pregnancy, the warning effect of this symptom is not so effective, and it is difficult to find out even if the pregnancy stops.

for pregnant mothers, the phenomenon of “seeing red” before the due date of delivery, that is, lower body bleeding, should be taken seriously. Many signs of abortion are red.

red blood is not necessarily red blood here. It may also be brown secretions. Once this happens, the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital to check the development of the fetus under the doctor’s advice.

because of the different constitution of each pregnant mother, different pregnant mothers feel different when facing abdominal pain. But this seems to be a normal phenomenon, pregnant mothers must not be lucky.
is the human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone often appears in pregnant women’s body, and with the increase of pregnancy will gradually increase.

studies have shown that: pregnant mothers can detect the increase of HCG value in blood with the help of relevant tools within 3-5 days after pregnancy, and reach the peak at 6-8 weeks.

if the presence of hCG can not be detected in the pregnant mother’s body, it means that the fetus is no longer creating a growth environment in the body, which indirectly indicates that the fetus is in danger.

if it exceeds the normal time range, for example, when the gestational time is more than 8-9 weeks, the fetal heart rate still does not appear, which indicates that there is probably something wrong with the embryonic development.