Fetal hearing from this month began to appear, Bao’s parents remember to listen to the baby’s three favorite sounds

Although the babies live in the mother’s uterine cavity, the children are only separated from the outside world by a layer of belly, and the sound and light from the outside can be transmitted into the palace cavity. < p > < p > for children aged 4-5 months, their auditory system is gradually mature, and they are more sensitive to sounds. The three types of sounds that children like most are mainly from Bao’s parents. Parents should not forget to communicate with their babies more. < / P > < p > many Baoma are experiencing “widowed parenting”. Since the birth of their children, all the housework, children’s excrement, urine and fart, all of which are undertaken by Baoma alone. Bao’s father is often like a shopkeeper, regardless of anything. However, this rule is not reflected in Fangfang. After Fangfang’s daughter is born, her husband becomes a daughter slave to the letter, and she goes around her every day. The daughter is also very close to her father, unlike some children who only stick to their mother. Her friends were so envious that they asked her how to teach her husband, but Fangfang just laughed and said, “he likes children himself, and when I was pregnant, she would talk to my stomach all day long. She knew him as soon as she was born.” It’s also very enviable to have a father who loves his children so much. However, Fangfang said angrily, “what do you envy? You two are so good. I’m almost an outsider!” < p > < p > in any case, more communication and chat with Baoma during pregnancy, often talking to mother Bao’s stomach and interacting with her baby will enhance the emotion between parents and children, and let the baby lay down its guard against this “foreign” relative. Generally speaking, the embryo begins to develop nerves around the 8th week of pregnancy. At this time, the babies can swim in the uterine cavity, but they have not formed stable hearing. After 16 weeks of gestation, the baby’s auditory system is mature, and the baby can hear the sound of amniotic fluid flowing, mother’s heartbeat and gastrointestinal peristalsis. < / P > < p > the environment in the uterine cavity is very noisy. After the sound from outside is transmitted to the inside of the uterus, there will be a large degree of degeneration. However, if the fathers often talk to their mother’s stomach, they can remember their father after birth. < / P > < p > the blood of family is thicker than water. What babies like most is the voice of their mother. In addition, the deep voice from the Father also wins the hearts of the babies. < / P > < p > in addition to the reasons of the music itself, when Baoma listen to the music, they feel comfortable. This kind of emotion will infect the baby and is beneficial to the baby’s physical and intellectual development. < / P > < p > mother and son are connected to each other. Babies like their mother’s voice most. The voice of Baoma can be transmitted to the baby through bone conduction, so the sound is more restored and the baby can hear it more clearly. < p > < p > Baoma’s light and pleasant voice is the favorite of babies, which can infect the baby’s mood, make the baby very happy, and promote the baby’s physical and intellectual development. < p > < p > the voice of Baoma is soft and high, while the voice of Bao’s father is extremely deep. For the first time, the children will be surprised to hear the strange voice of Bao’s father, but after getting familiar with it gradually, the babies like his voice very much. < p > < p > babies don’t like the sound of quarrels, especially when Baoma is emotional and quarrels loudly. The babies will feel afraid. Baodads should be more forgiving, and don’t make the pregnant mothers angry. < / P > < p > angry quarrels can frighten the baby, while the cry of a pregnant mother can make the baby sad. Bao dads should accompany Baoma during pregnancy, and they should also learn to adjust their emotions to give Taibao a relaxed and happy impression. < / P > < p > when the pregnant mother is close to noisy places such as factories and shopping malls, the baby’s fetal movement will also change. This is a protest of the little guy. The baby does not like the noisy environment. < / P > < p > if the working environment of Baoma is too noisy, she can take maternity leave as early as possible to avoid affecting the baby’s fetal movement, which is not conducive to the fetal movement count in late pregnancy. Information sharing for epilepsy patients