Fetal left ventricle punctate strong echo, what does this mean? The formation has something to do with these points!

Background a novice pregnant mother message: Hello, can you write an article about the four-dimensional examination of left ventricular punctate hyperechoic, I nt, Tang sieve have no problem, four-dimensional examination of left ventricular punctate strong echo, the doctor suggested that I go to a higher hospital to do amniocentesis, if I do not do what impact on the fetus? Yangyang is facing a second pregnancy. She went to the hospital as usual to have a large number of deformities. Because Yang Yang was relatively fat, the doctor still felt that the fetal heart position was not clear after repeated examination, so she wrote in the diagnosis book that “there is a dot like strong echo in the left ventricle”, and suggested that she go to a more professional hospital for some reexamination. Of course, I believe that all Baoma mothers will panic after receiving such instructions from doctors. Do I have heart diseases? Yangyang is an acute child. She can’t bear to guess and want to go. She turns around and asks her husband to ask for personal leave and accompany her to go to a tertiary hospital of a higher level. Although I was very lucky to get the number on the Internet, the color Doppler ultrasound was arranged one day later. After the film was released, an old expert gave an answer to the film. Previously, left ventricular hyperechogenicity is a common report, and the probability of finding left ventricular hyperechogenicity in pregnant women can be as high as 5%. For pregnant women under 35, it’s like a mole on their face. Of course, this metaphor is only applicable to pregnant women under 35 years old with normal DNA and other indicators. < / P > < p > this “mole” on the face will gradually disappear with the continuous growth of the fetus, and it does not rule out the possibility that it has always existed. However, it has no effect on the fetus, and does not mean that the fetal heart must have diseases or abnormal development. However, if pregnant women are older or even over age, unable to pass the chromosome examination, this is a problem, and further examination and diagnosis are needed. How are these moles formed? There are four reasons for this: < / P > < p > because the fetal heart is still in the process of development, there may be some areas of rapid development, some parts of the slow development, at this time in the strong light shows calcification. < / P > < p > when the blood flow velocity in the left ventricle is slower than that in the normal state, it will show a point like hyperechoic state when ultrasound is performed at this stage. < / P > < p > it should be explained here that the formation of this echo is harmful, and thrombosis may occur. However, according to the current clinical data, this probability is also quite low. If this situation is really the case, it is estimated that after the examination of the problem, the doctor has left the pregnant woman in hospital for observation or actively anticoagulation. Generally speaking, only one in ten thousand probability can lead to the occurrence of fetal congenital heart disease. In fact, for pregnant mothers, emotional stability is the key. In addition, we have to believe in our baby. She must be the best gift God has given us. As for the re examination, according to their own actual situation, we must do puncture also do not be nervous, the current medical technology has a certain degree of maturity, the abortion rate caused by this is less than 1%. < / P > < p > if you want to know more about pregnancy, we recommend this 7-volume book on pregnancy, which covers pregnancy preparation, pregnancy, fetal education, delivery and infant care. It is rich and easy to understand, and it is worth starting with. < p > < p > I don’t know if pregnant mothers have learned it? Share parenting knowledge with you in the form of comics. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like it and forward it. 20