Fetuses eat hot pot deformity? The real “dangerous food” during pregnancy should be resisted no matter how greedy the pregnant woman is

Some fish and shellfish contaminated by mercury should not be touched by pregnant women. Because Mercury accumulates in the body, it will cause fetal congenital mercury poisoning, and it is more likely to have dysplasia and mental retardation after birth. < p > < p > the American Academy of Pediatrics clearly pointed out that during pregnancy, we should avoid eating shark, mackerel, square head fish and swordfish, and eat no more than 340 grams of fish per week. The consumption of albacore tuna, also known as tuna, should not exceed 170 grams per week. < / P > < p > DDT, BHC, these are the names of pesticides. These organochlorine pesticides have a very strong accumulation. Through contaminated food into the body of pregnant women, and then through the maternal blood circulation into the placenta, it may lead to fetal poisoning, resulting in fetal malformation. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers drink alcohol because of their work needs before pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers like to have a drink when they are free. In either case, please do not touch alcohol once you are pregnant because alcohol has been recognized as a teratogen. < p > < p > during pregnancy preparation, if the man drinks alcohol, it may also affect the quality of the fetus. If drinking alcohol during pregnancy, the alcohol in the pregnant mother will enter the fetus through the maternal infant barrier, and a large amount of alcohol will cause raw milk without regular disinfection. For example, the last time I saw it on the Internet, there was a tricycle pulling milk sheep, with a sign next to it, which said, “milk the goat now.”. Please keep away from such milk products. < p > < p > the unsterilized meat stored in refrigerator may suffer from listeriosis and toxoplasmosis if pregnant women eat it. Toxoplasma gondii infection, can cause baby development disorders, even teratogenesis or stillbirth, especially in early pregnancy, the incidence of teratogenesis is high. What foods do Toxoplasma often exist in? First of all, we need to know that this protozoa is the ultimate host of domestic cats, with strong vitality and resistance to freezing and drying. It is often found in sheep, dogs, cattle, horses, rabbits and other mammals, meat or chicken and other poultry meat, eggs. The antibody screening can be carried out during pregnancy preparation. Pregnant women should not eat hot spring eggs, sunset red eggs and other half cooked eggs. In addition, some foods contain undercooked eggs, and do not eat them. Including tiramisu, homemade ice cream, chocolate mousse, homemade egg wine and so on. < / P > < p > if the above food may have an impact on mothers and infants, there are some foods that can have a direct impact, that is, tetrodotorus, wild mushrooms and other foods that are fatal. Pregnant women should never eat them. < / P > < p > going back to the first question of this article, does hot pot for pregnant women cause fetal malformation? In fact, there are not a few people who eat hot pot after pregnancy. As long as the meat of hot pot is cooked before eating, pregnant women can put food on it, but don’t be greedy for oil and spicy food. Eating too much can also cause fire. Mineral water or boiled water is the best drink during pregnancy. Occasionally you can drink a little juice, but you should control the amount and avoid excessive fructose intake. Coke, strong tea and coffee are not allowed. < / P > < p > ⑤ fresh vegetables and fruits should not be less than half a kilogram per day for ordinary pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus should eat fruits under the guidance of doctors. < p > < p > at this stage, the fetus is smaller and needs less nutrition, so the pregnant women can eat normally. But some pregnant mothers in the first month of pregnancy, vomiting, serious impact on eating. < / P > < p > at this time, you can eat less meals and choose some dry foods, such as dried bread and biscuits, which can relieve vomiting in early pregnancy. Under the doctor’s guidance, appropriate supplement of B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, folic acid. At this stage, due to the rapid growth and development of the fetus, the vomiting reaction of the pregnant mother also disappeared. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement nutrition for the needs of mother and infant. Can eat more animal blood, liver, red meat to supplement iron; eat 1 jin dairy products every day to achieve the effect of calcium; at the same time, increase the food with high protein content, such as fish, poultry, eggs, meat, etc. In addition, one to two times a week to eat iodine rich seafood. < p > < p > soybeans: 15g whole grains and miscellaneous beans: no less than 1 / 3 vegetables: 300-500g dark and red yellow vegetables, accounting for 2 / 3 fruits: 200-400g meat, eggs and milk: 150-200g fish, poultry, meat and eggs, including animal viscera, 200-250g milk: 300-500g fat, nuts: 10g cooking oil: 25g salt: no more than 6g05 < / P > < p > P > 0.05 In the final pregnancy is a witness to the miracle of the moment, pregnant October pregnant mother’s responsibility is important, for the sake of fetal health and intelligence, diet should be careful, should not touch what should not be eaten. < p > < p > this article is the original content of this article, focusing on the field of child care, intensive work, silent day shift, to provide more professional science of child care. 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