Finally is Caesarean section or natural birth, the key still depends on these 4 factors, stubborn harm others harm oneself

If the maternal quality, fetal conditions are good, the doctor is naturally recommended natural birth. But if the maternal body is not well, or the fetal position is not correct, cesarean section on the health of the mother and fetus will be very small.

as for the strength of abdominal muscles, it is not the kind of strength that can be exerted by eight abdominal muscles. Most parturient women can do it, just take out the strength when they are constipated.

the most difficult thing is the strength of uterine contraction. If the uterine contraction is not ideal or even weak, doctors will consider using drugs, artificial rupture of membranes or cesarean section.

the birth canal is the passage through which the fetus is delivered. Most women’s pelvis can be suitable for vaginal delivery, unless there is pelvic deformity or pelvic pathological changes. Because of the condition of the pelvis, the prenatal doctors have done a good job of measuring.

if the soft birth canal is damaged or the uterine orifice is not opened for a long time, lateral vaginal incision may be required; if the fetal head position is not correct during production, and the doctor still does not improve through internal rotation, vaginal midwifery or cesarean section is required.

in order to have a smooth delivery, the fetal head circumference must be narrower than the pelvis. If the head circumference of the fetal head is similar to the width of the pelvis, internal rotation can also be used to adapt to each diameter line of the birth canal, so as to facilitate production.

the fetal position is the head position, that is, the fetal head under the head will be easier to produce. If the buttocks are under or the feet and shoulders are under, cesarean section is required. There is also a case when the fetus in the birth canal is squeezed to produce hypoxia, also need cesarean section.

the spirit of a puerpera will affect the size of the labor force. If a pregnant woman is afraid of pain and fear of natural labor, even if her prenatal evaluation is normal, she may not be able to give birth due to uterine inertia.

the vast majority of pregnant women are still very scared before giving birth. Therefore, the support and encouragement of the family members are very important for those who want to experience the pain of childbirth.

maternal love is great and selfless. It has experienced the pain of life and death to bring a new life. Mothers must relax when they give birth and believe in modern medicine. Home