Finally! These students can take off their masks!

On August 13, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education issued a series of regulations for universities, primary and secondary schools and nurseries and kindergartens respectively.
students are not allowed to confirm the time before school starts. Students and staff from medium and high risk areas are required to present the nucleic acid test report within one week to the school when they return to school. Foreign teachers and students are not allowed to return to school without receiving the school’s notice. When returning to school, they should show the nucleic acid testing proof materials to the school according to the relevant requirements.

wear masks scientifically. Students should keep the masks that meet the disposable medical mask standard or equivalent protection level. Students in low-risk areas do not need to wear masks.

pay attention to staff protection. Teachers do not need to wear masks when teaching. School gate attendants, cleaners and canteen staff should wear masks.