First apply essence or emulsion? You may have been wrong for so many years

many fairies a fish escaped through the Seine, but there are inevitably several “missing fish”, such as lotion and essence. The answer is of course < / P > < p > the ingredients of the two skin care products are not the same, so the efficacy is not the same, so the order of use must not be wrong! Otherwise, it is easy to affect the effect of skin care. Many people use the lotion after finishing the emulsion, and then use the essence. After all, this is wrong. When

is skincare, it may feel that the essence is very greasy and difficult to absorb, so it will rub the lotion first. Small Mo here to remind you, if the order is wrong, will block pores, not only nutrition can not be absorbed, but also easy to grow acne. The correct order should be like this, please follow Xiaobian to have a look at it! Compared with toner,

emulsion has thicker and more nutritious ingredients. So, for the opening of pores, the lotion is better than the toner. The skin care product

can be used softening the cuticle after using the lotion after cleansing. This can not only relieve the tightness and dryness after cleaning, but also be conducive to the absorption of follow-up skin care products.

it is better to pour the emulsion into the tiger’s mouth of the hand. If the tiger mouth temperature is not high, it will not affect the nutrition of the emulsion. Then dip the finger into the appropriate amount of emulsion and apply it to the face, then massage with the power of the pulp to absorb it. Focus