Fitness regardless of age, 50 years old can also continue to maintain the body, metabolism is not the only one

Is age a barrier to fitness? Many people like to analyze the high metabolism of young people and think that young people are more suitable for fitness than middle-aged and elderly people. But in real life, for various reasons, some middle-aged people have many advantages. One of the most obvious is that middle-aged people have a stable life and plenty of time.

in my gym, there are a lot of trainers at the 40-50 stage. You can see them carrying bags to the gym almost every day. Among them, there is no lack of muscle lines are very obvious uncle class trainers. Compared with young people’s erratic and irregular life and rest, working to their age will not appear overtime situation, stay up late is less, life is stable. This advantage is not available to young trainers.

I suggest that we should avoid heavy training as much as possible and give priority to some fixed equipment training to avoid injury due to accidents. The higher the weight, the greater the risk, and the greater the risk, the higher the return. This training method is actually more suitable for young trainers. Their metabolism is fast and their muscle growth is obvious. At the age of 40-50, the ones with good figure and muscle lines are those who have sports or fitness experience when they are young.

and if you join the fitness at this age, the muscle growth is certainly not as fast as that of young people, so don’t think about breaking through through weight, and slowly accumulating is the king way. Persistence is more important than any training method.