Five kinds of staple food are “accelerators” of long meat. People who want to lose weight should try their best not to serve them on the table

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However, among the foods you eat, there may be some foods that are easy to make you fat, and you often don’t care. So which foods are easy to get fat?

why salad? Salads are usually the kind of food that Slimming people eat, right? It’s wrong to eat salad as a slimming dish. Don’t take salad as a slimming dish.

the reason is actually very simple. In fact, salad dressing is the culprit of fat. There is a lot of fat in it. Only 100g contains 50g of fat.

dumplings are a special staple food in our cuisine. The leftover dumplings are often used for frying. Sometimes you can eat good fried dumplings at home. It doesn’t seem to be very delicious, but it’s very good when you eat it. You can eat dumplings without taste.

generally, people in the north prefer pasta, while people in the south prefer rice. But fried noodles, whether southerners or northerners, they all like to eat.

because the heat of pasta is very high, in the process of frying, other ingredients and edible oil are added to make the heat of pasta even higher. Like to eat, often eat fried noodles, must be a little fat, weight will not be light!

in life, I believe many people often like to eat fried dough sticks, which is a common breakfast food. It tastes delicious and crispy, and is also loved by many people.

but for female friends in the weight loss period, fried dough sticks are also comparable to drinking oil, because fried dough sticks are fried food with high calorie and fat content.

if you eat too much, you will induce obesity. Therefore, you are advised to avoid eating fried dough sticks, which are generally accepted as fattening food. No matter how much you like them, you should hold back.

as a staple food in the north, steamed bread can be seen in almost every meal. Many people will eat steamed bread and vegetables together. They have a unique taste and can eat a lot at a meal.

but what we don’t know is that steamed bread is made of flour. It contains a lot of starch and has a high sugar index. It is also a kind of food that makes people accumulate fat easily.

in addition to the above five fattening foods, there are other fattening foods, not just these. In short, during the weight loss period of girls, try to eat less high fat, high calorie food.

because carrots are low in calories. And it also contains a lot of plant fiber, can improve human metabolism, achieve the purpose of natural weight loss, is a very good weight loss food.

it is recorded that lotus leaf, barley, cassia seed, wax gourd and other food materials can promote Yang Qi, remove fat and lose weight. Making tea with these ingredients can help women who want to lose weight to excrete toxins and reduce body fat.

method: you can choose lotus leaf, barley, cassia seed, wax gourd and other food materials, put them into the pot after cleaning, then boil them with high heat, boil them with low heat, and then wait about 15 minutes to make them. You can drink them after cooling, or you can choose wax gourd lotus leaf tea bag, which is more convenient.

Nowadays, many people seldom eat breakfast during weight loss, thinking: anyway, they can’t get up in the morning, so they won’t eat breakfast if they sleep a little more. It’s often a mistake to lose weight.

because after a night’s consumption, the body lacks enough energy in the morning. When the human body finds that there is no heat supply, it will reduce the basic metabolism, and absorb more heat and store it in the next meal, which will make it fatter.

obesity is mainly due to excessive body fat. So if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to get rid of excess fat in your body; exercise is also a good way to get rid of fat.

weight loss is a persistent thing. Since you are ready to lose weight, you should stick to it all the time. Although it’s very hard to lose weight, you will get irritable and other bad emotions. It’s suggested to make adjustments in time.

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