Five meals a day! A 23-year-old young man “eating sowing” has suffered from “senile disease”! This kind of person should pay special attention to

Xiao Liu, a 23-year-old enterprise employee, is a senior eater. At 185cm, he is tall and strong, with a weight of 95kg. According to a friend’s observation, in addition to three meals a day, he has to ensure that afternoon tea and late night snack are “king of stomach” with unlimited 5 meals a day.

at the beginning of last year, he joined the ranks of “eating and broadcasting”. In the dead of the night, he orders several takeaway orders and starts the live broadcast to eat snacks. The rising popularity of the live broadcasting room brings rich “rewards”, which makes him more motivated to eat. However, Xiao Liu’s daily exercise consumption and calorie intake are difficult to balance. For more than a year, he lost control of his weight and lost his linear kg. Finally, he was already fat and reached 110 kg. Last week, the boss of the Red Cross came to Hangzhou to measure bone density.

Xiao Liu came to the BMD room, took off his shoes, smeared the coupling agent, and stepped into the ultrasonic bone densitometer. In the EMG room, Dr. Xu Shuai skillfully started the examination. The results, however, surprised doctors. It turns out that the T value of Xiaoliu’s BMD is – 2.58, which has reached the level of osteoporosis. In order to avoid the error, the doctor repeated the examination for Xiao Liu, and the result was still below the osteoporosis line.

according to Dr. Xu Shuai, the ultrasonic bone densitometer uses ultrasound to measure the parameters related to bone quality such as BQI of human calcaneus through coupling agent, so as to diagnose the bone condition of the subjects. Ultrasound bone mineral density is cheap, portable and non radiation, which has great reference value for risk assessment of fracture and bone damage, and also plays an important role in routine physical examination and maternal physical examination.

Xiao Liu Dawei was puzzled: “isn’t osteoporosis a senile disease? I’m so young And how can I feel nothing at all? ” Dr. Xu explained: “osteoporosis is a systemic osteopathy which is prone to fracture due to the decrease of bone density and bone quality, the destruction of bone microstructure, and the increase of bone fragility, which is more common in the middle-aged and elderly people. Some patients may not have obvious symptoms in the early stage of osteoporosis

after detailed consultation, Dr. Xu learned that Xiao Liu’s favorite drink of carbonated and sugary drinks every day is three or four cans with rice, which may be one of the causes of osteoporosis. In addition, Xiao Liu’s BMI index has reached the level of obesity. Studies have shown that the risk of osteoporosis will be greatly increased once BMI reaches obesity, whether it is children aged 2-6 or young people. At the same time, although the detection rate of osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly women is higher than that of men, the influence of weight, exercise amount and dietary structure on bone mass in adolescents is greater in men than in women.

the truth comes out! For the young and fat Liu, he does not like sports, his bone mass is slowly losing! In addition to the risk of osteoporosis, there are also risks of hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia caused by obesity, which also seriously threatens Xiao Liu’s health.

after listening to the doctor’s explanation, Xiao Liu deeply felt that it was time to control her weight! “Reward” and oral blessing are secondary, and healthy body is the most important capital.

prevention of osteoporosis is more important than treatment. Xu suggested that a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, adequate sunshine and regular exercise are more conducive to the health of bones and muscles: < A=“ " target="_ blank" rel="noopener">Luanban