Five years of fitness, hip circumference of more than 98cm, this domestic female painter is not ordinary

When it comes to female painters, I don’t know what their impressions are. However, no matter how they think about it, this kind of artistic person usually doesn’t match with the beautiful words of body-building such as buttocks and bee waist. However, the girl to be introduced today is such a wild and unrestrained fitness goddess.

her name is Kangrui. She comes from Hebei Province and has five years’ experience in fitness. In addition to fitness, her job is painting, and now all her life has been occupied. As a post-95, she looks very pure. Many boys have said that this is the first love face, facial features delicate. The eyes are pure and the lips are upturned, which makes people very excited. However, when she saw her figure, many people also expressed that they enjoyed it. With such buttocks and slender waist, I don’t know how many girls envied her, and men were attracted by her.

but behind such a figure, she looked weak five years ago. She was flat and had no sense of wireless. Moreover, because she was too thin, her physical quality was very poor. So she decided to work out to make herself look less emaciated.

at the beginning of fitness, she didn’t know the use of equipment, nor the standard of training movements. She would just like to punch in the gym every day. However, after a period of time, she found that such a fitness program not only did not make her progress, but also dragged herself down, causing pain in the whole body.

so she also studied crazily behind her back. Whether she was looking for video teaching on the Internet or learning knowledge through reading books, she finally changed her concept. It turned out that simply carrying out strength training would not make her form a terrible muscle woman, and a large amount of aerobic would make her muscle lose faster. Therefore, if she wants to achieve a golden waist hip ratio, she must start from strength training Do it. In this way, she started day-to-day training, groped for experience in continuous training, updated her fitness plan frequently, trained four times a week for strength training, twice a week for aerobic, so she persisted for five years.

he also said that scientific fitness plan can make the fitness effect better and easier to adhere to. As long as she has enough time and the gym is not closed, she will spend two hours every day in it for strength training. Painting itself is a very busy work. After work, sometimes even at 10 p.m., I will punch in in in a hurry. After an hour in the gym, I will go home to take a bath and sleep. As long as I have the idea of fitness, nothing is impossible. In the past five years, she has gained a more beautiful figure, and self-discipline has also made her more distinctive. We can see that his temperament has been improved qualitatively and his appearance has made great progress.

looking at the sharp and angular waistline and golden waist hip ratio, she finally no longer has to worry about her flat figure. Now she is confident and healthy, has positive energy and vitality, which is why she can have hundreds of thousands of fans. Even the appearance of painting is full of charm.

fitness has not only changed her figure, but also changed her living habits and regular work and rest. Although she is either exercising or drawing, she has found a full self from it, and on the contrary, she has become more passionate about herself. Fitness for him, is for a better life, but also let life have more expectations. Of course, he also admitted that she can’t do without fitness. For her, it’s just like drinking water, and it’s also an ability to perceive life. Do you like this fitness goddess? Welcome to comment.