Food falls on the ground, 5 seconds pick up can eat?

It is said that there is a “five second law”, that is, food can be picked up and eaten within five seconds after falling to the ground. As long as the hands are fast enough, the dirty things can’t keep up with my speed. Can I pick up the food and continue to eat when I lose it? This sounds really tempting, but it’s a linear second < / P > < p > scientists in Illinois in the United States studied and experimented with the “five second law” as early as 2003. They first used tools to measure the number and species of bacteria on the school floor. Surprisingly, there are not many bacteria on the school floor. In order to continue the experiment, scientists first bought some ceramic tile floors, then put some E. coli on the tile floor, and finally dropped food on the tile floor. The scientists found that the E. coli on the ceramic tile can be transferred to the food in 5 seconds. In order to study in various directions, another group of scientists made some improvements on the above-mentioned experimental steps. First, they expanded the scope of the experiment, bought wood floor, tile floor and carpet, inoculated Salmonella on the three kinds of floors respectively, and then threw sausage and bread on the upper three floors respectively. What’s amazing is that the sausages dropped on the tile floor, most of them on the floor in five seconds All the bacteria are transferred to food. In order to obtain more accurate experimental data, the scientists changed a variety of food for experiments. < / P > < p > when food falls on the ground and touches the tile or wood floor polluted by bacteria, bacteria will be transferred to the food in an instant. Whether it is sausage or bread, the bacterial content is the same; at the same time, experiments show that bacteria transfer almost instantaneously, whether it is 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 60 seconds, almost the same number of bacteria. < / P > < p > this depends on the situation. First of all, it depends on what kind of floor is. For example, tile floor and solid wood floor are easy to be contaminated with bacteria. Then, we should see whether the floor is dry. Places like kitchen and toilet are natural soil for bacteria and microorganisms to breed. < / P > < p > there is a saying among the people that “it’s dirty and it’s not sick if you eat it.”. In fact, this view only sees the body’s immune system’s response to a single microorganism. However, the quality of microorganisms is unknown, and the types and quantity of microorganisms are not known. < / P > < p > we must always be alert to pathogenic microorganisms. Assuming that there are problems in the immune system itself, once infected, it may even cause permanent damage to the body. Therefore, to maintain or enhance the body’s immunity, we should rely more on healthy eating habits and good living habits. The saying that “unclean can enhance immunity” should not be believed. In addition to the “five second law”, there are also… In life, in order to save, some people will remove the moldy part and continue to eat. So, can the food with moldy parts removed really be eaten? < / P > < p > because although there is only a small part of the “long hair” visible to the naked eye, as long as it is moldy, it means that there are hyphae or toxins in other parts of the food, and the toxin produced by mold metabolism is not easy to eliminate toxicity even if it is cooked at high temperature. Popular science in China= target=_ blank>Skip to content