Foot is “forecast small expert”, if there are these two abnormalities, I am afraid it is health damage

Many parts of the body are disease alarms. Changes in these parts can reflect whether there are health problems in the body. If there are some parts of the body repeatedly appear abnormal symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital for examination when the cause is unknown. After the relevant examination is done, the health problems can be known one by one, and then targeted treatment measures can be taken. Otherwise, serious diseases will occur and health will be affected. When a serious disease comes, will people’s feet feel it?

People’s feet are located at the end of the limbs. When serious diseases occur, there may be a variety of adverse symptoms. If you often feel obvious discomfort of the feet, pain, edema or skin abnormalities, or even numbness, you should attach great importance to them. It should be said that the disease is developing, and treatment measures should be taken for specific types of diseases.

in the process of disease threatening health, many people’s feet will have special manifestations. In particular, ulcer wounds are formed on both feet. These ulcer wounds are difficult to heal, which indicates that the disease is developing. Because the disease invades the body, the rising blood sugar will affect the skin of both feet. Under the threat of hyperglycemia, the skin resistance is weak and easy to be infected.

combined with the continuous stimulation of hyperglycemia, ulcer wounds will also appear, which are difficult to heal and show obvious pain. People who have this kind of situation indicate that the blood sugar exceeds the standard. We should control blood sugar reasonably and pay attention to the way of foot ulcer and wound care to actively improve it. Otherwise, diabetic foot is serious and may face deformity.

it’s very important to keep an eye on your feet. Numbness of the feet is related to serious diseases, especially the continuous development of chronic diseases. In the process of threatening health, the blood circulation of the limbs may not be maintained well. In addition, the microvascular lesions of the feet will also interfere with the normal circulation. After the impact, the limbs lack of blood supply, and the numbness will be obvious.

therefore, we often feel numbness in both feet. We should check carefully to see whether the indexes of the body are stable. If there is excessive blood fat and high blood pressure, targeted treatment should be carried out, otherwise important organs of the body will also be damaged.

it can be seen that some types of diseases need to be improved through active treatment, otherwise these diseases will threaten health in the process of continuous development, and the feet will also be involved, resulting in a variety of adverse symptoms. These problems can only be solved by actively cooperating with treatment and keeping the body healthy. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”