For girls with warm uterus, getting up in the morning and going to the toilet for the first time can basically meet three characteristics

If a flower wants to be beautiful, it must have roots to provide nutrients; if a woman wants beauty, she also needs a foundation, and the womb is the foundation of a woman.

the uterus is a very important organ of the body. We all know that the uterus and menstruation are closely linked. The performance of female friends when they get up in the morning to go to the toilet can directly reflect the health status of the uterus.

therefore, female friends can check to see if their uterus is in a healthy state. If they can meet the requirements, the uterus is warm and clean.

when women get up to urinate in the morning, the color of their first urination is obviously yellow, but it is relatively clear and transparent, and there is no bad smell. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

because the human body is metabolized for one night and does not replenish water in time, it will lead to abnormal yellowing of urine, which can be alleviated after drinking water.

but if you find that the color of your urine is strong tea, and the color is generally red, you should be alert. It may be that the uterus is infected by bacteria and viruses, and it is also a distress signal sent by the uterus to you.

when you have abnormal urine color when you urinate, please go to the hospital for gynecological examination in time. If the urine color is very normal, it means that your uterus is still warm, clean and smooth.

when a female friend gets up in the morning and goes to the toilet, she finds that her urination is very smooth. Congratulations, it shows that your urinary system is very healthy, and that your uterus is very clean, warm and smooth.

if abnormal urination occurs and urination is not smooth, it is mostly related to urinary system inflammation. When inflammation continues to develop, it will affect the health of the uterus and even lead to uterine problems.

if a female friend finds that she has abnormal urination, she suggests that you go to the hospital for gynecological examination in time. If your urination is very smooth and there is no peculiar smell in the urine, Congratulations, the uterus is still very clean.

for women with healthy uterus, when they get up in the morning and go to the toilet for the first time, the color of their urine is very clear, and there will be no bad smell or turbid objects.

if a woman finds that her urine has an unpleasant pungent nose smell when she urinates, it may be related to uterine inflammation. When inflammation occurs in the uterus, a large number of bacteria and viruses will grow, which will take the opportunity to invade the female urethra and cause abnormal urination.

female friends feel a little pain in urination, and the urine is very smelly, so please be vigilant and go to the hospital for examination in time to prevent the occurrence of more serious diseases.

when a woman goes to the toilet for the first time in the morning, if she finds that her urination is very smooth and her urine is clear and transparent without peculiar smell, it shows that your uterus is still relatively healthy. Women want to maintain the uterus, but also through dietotherapy, eat some warm palace detoxification food.

many people have developed bad living habits and eating habits in their daily life, which leads to the accumulation of more toxins and garbage in the uterus. If they can not be discharged in time, they will breed bacteria and viruses and cause inflammation.

at this time, women can insist on drinking black Lycium barbarum in water, which helps to nourish the uterus, accelerate the Blood Stasis Toxin in the uterus, discharge garbage, keep the uterus clean and clean, and help to enhance immunity.

oats are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to provide nutrients for the gastrointestinal tract, and also helps to accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, moisten the intestine and relieve constipation, which is very good for reducing weight and weight.

eating more oats at ordinary times is also conducive to the health of the uterus. It can help accelerate the blood circulation of the body, remove the congestion in the uterus, reduce the residue of harmful substances, improve gynecological problems, and make the uterus more smooth and clean.

if female friends want to maintain their uterus, they can eat more Auricularia auricula. Auricularia auricula is rich in gum, which can adsorb toxins and garbage adhered to the uterine wall, and smoothly expel harmful substances from the body.

when the uterus becomes clean and smooth, it also helps to prevent gynecological problems, improve women’s fertility, and make women look better and better with less illness.

eat sparingly. Diet should eat less cold food, especially in summer, should eat less mung bean, balsam pear and other food, eat more warm food, such as jujube, peanut and so on. Women want to ease the problem of palace cold, can also drink some brown sugar ginger tea, help warm the palace detoxification, ease the palace cold.

no matter in which season, you should pay attention to keep your body warm, especially female friends like to wear navel clothes and turn on the air conditioner when sleeping at night. This is more likely to lead to the symptoms of cold palace, which is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, we must pay attention to the body’s warmth. Also use warm water to soak your feet at night.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “movement leads to Yang rising”. Aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes a day is more conducive to improving blood circulation and is very beneficial to the maintenance of the uterus. It can also maintain the blood circulation in the body, relieve the symptoms of uterine cold, and make your uterus more warm.