For people with high cholesterol, these two condiments should be removed from the table, otherwise blood vessels will be “blocked”

As usual, Uncle Li, 45, had dinner and was ready to go for a walk in the park. But after a short walk, he found that he was dizzy and had a headache. Then he began to see things vaguely and fainted in the dark. When Uncle Li was sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with cerebral infarction. Fortunately, he was rescued and recovered in time. By the time his family arrived, Uncle Li was out of danger, but his family still felt scared and puzzled. How could a person have a sudden cerebral infarction? According to our understanding, Uncle Li found out that his cholesterol was too high many years ago, but he didn’t pay attention to it, and his family didn’t listen to it. However, Uncle Li especially liked high salt and sweet food, so he would carry his family to eat sweets or pickled food every time. Who knows that this kind of eating is brain infarction. As a kind of seasoning, salt is necessary for every family. However, if the cholesterol is high and you often eat high salt food, it will lead to the increase of blood viscosity, easily induce hypertension and abnormal vasoconstriction. This will make the plaque in the blood vessels fall off and form thrombus, and then block the blood vessels, which will induce cerebral infarction in serious cases. Sugar is also a kind of condiment. Unlike salt, sugar seems to be more popular, so there are numerous sugar products, such as cakes, desserts, candies, etc. These all contain a lot of sugar. People with high cholesterol often eat it, which will make people fat. At the same time, it will lead to further increase of low-density lipoprotein, increase the risk of blood vessel blockage, and try to eat as little as possible at ordinary times. < / P > < p > do not want blood vessels blocked, induce cerebral infarction, in addition to the above two things to eat less, life also need to eat less animal viscera, less greasy food, these will increase the blood viscosity, not conducive to the reduction of cholesterol, and even block blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. < / P > < p > diet structure is very important. People with high cholesterol, if they don’t pay attention to diet, will easily induce other complications, and once the blood concentration goes up, it means that the greater the probability of vascular blockage. Once the blood vessel is blocked, the blood circulation is not smooth, it will induce a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to the diet structure in our life, and it is better to give priority to light nutrition. In addition, we can help to dredge blood vessels and reduce cholesterol by means of food tonic. For example, we can supplement Agaricus blazei Murill and asparagus juice in our daily life. Containing unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce the content of cholesterol in blood vessels, reduce the viscosity of blood, dredge blood vessels and prevent blood vessels from blocking. < p > < p > staying up late will affect the metabolism of the body, resulting in abnormal secretion, and the garbage of blood vessels is easy to stay in the body and can not be excreted out, and the blood vessels will be easily blocked over time. Therefore, people who often stay up late are advised not to stay up late any more. In the long run, abnormal vasoconstriction will be caused and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will be induced. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE