For people with insufficient Qi and blood, five things should be done daily to nourish the face and expel poison, and the blood and blood will gradually return to be more sufficient

Introduction: for women, sufficient Qi and blood is the premise of good physical condition, good Qi and blood, more ruddy face and good mental state. If the long-term deficiency of Qi and blood will lead to many adverse consequences, seriously affecting the health. The most typical effect is to accelerate the aging of the body and reduce the body resistance. Women’s Qi and blood deficiency, the body will have three manifestations, the more occupied, the less comfortable Qi and blood.

with the growth of age, people will lose their hair. Especially for women, their hair is long. They wash their hair and grab a lot of them. Moreover, their hair is very dry and hairy. The biggest reason is the lack of Qi and blood, leading to the hair can not get sufficient blood supply, will appear dry, hair loss.

generally speaking, when you are too tired and have a bad rest, your eyes will be dry and dull. In addition, when Qi and blood are not enough, there will be no vision in both eyes. The eyes will be white and yellow, and there will be bloodstains. At the same time, the bags under the eyes will also be aggravated. It looks like many years old.

the skin is in poor condition, yellowing, losing elasticity and being very rough. These are manifestations of deficiency of Qi and blood. Sometimes, macula will grow. If blood is not replenished in time, it will become more and more serious.

people with deficiency of Qi and blood should eat more food for blood tonifying, such as donkey hide gelatin, which is basically protein. It mainly plays the function of nourishing yin and blood, and can also improve the skin. With modern technology, the rose fermentation liquid of donkey hide gelatin processed with rose can double the effect in regulating and activating collaterals, nourishing yin and nourishing skin.

do a proper amount of exercise every day. Some low-intensity sports, such as jogging, walking, square dancing, etc., can promote the circulation of blood and achieve the effect of tonifying blood and nourishing the face.

if the mood is depressed for a long time and is in a negative mood, it will lead to dark consumption of Qi and blood. A good mood is the basis of maintaining Qi and blood, which is conducive to the health of the body and makes the skin better.

the most authentic way to nourish the skin and blood is to drink tea. According to the particularity of the selected food materials, it plays a role in nourishing the skin and enriching the blood. Longan, dried ginger, medlar, jujube, chrysanthemum and double petal rose are highly recommended by traditional Chinese medicine. Zhang Zhongjing also recorded these ingredients, which are the best for nourishing the skin and blood.

the process of making tea bags is a little complicated. Don’t worry. One tea bag can solve all the problems of making tea bags. It’s very convenient to take out one bag and brew it directly.

conclusion: Qi and blood are very important to the human body. Insufficient Qi and blood will seriously affect the health of the body. Women lack of Qi and blood, the body will have three manifestations, the more you account for, the less comfortable Qi and blood, don’t worry about people with insufficient Qi and blood, do five things daily, nourish your face and expel poison, and your qi and blood will gradually return to more sufficient.