For those who can’t quit smoking, don’t smoke more than “standard” a day. How many smokers can do it?

Two months ago, Xiao Chen had chest pain symptoms, and after two months of tuberculosis treatment, his condition was still not improved. Later, Xiao Chen went to the critical care department of the hospital for consultation. After reading Xiaochen’s CT, the attending physician found that there was a small nodule less than 1cm in his lung. He immediately arranged a bronchoscopy and found that he had lung cancer.

after understanding, we found that although Xiao Chen is only 20 years old, he is a real “old smoker”. He has been smoking for seven years. Experts say that this is one of the main causes of Xiao Chen’s lung cancer.

smoking can affect the health of the lungs, which is a well-known thing, because the smoke produced by smoking contains a large number of harmful substances, which will accumulate in the lungs, leading to the accumulation of more and more toxins in the lungs. Then it will lead to lung lesions, followed by pneumonia, emphysema, etc., if not controlled in time, it will further develop into lung cancer.

smoking also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, because smoking affects blood flow, which in turn affects the function of the heart to pump blood. To a certain extent, it increases the risk of heart disease. For some people with heart disease, smoking will lead to more and more serious symptoms, and even endanger life safety.

nicotine contained in cigarette will damage the health of liver and kidney, and may cause chronic liver disease and kidney disease. The liver and kidney as the most important detoxification metabolic organs in our body, once there is a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the whole body.

long term smoking can irritate the throat and lead to respiratory diseases. When smoking, smoke will flow through the throat, and then be discharged from the body. In this process, repeated circulation in the throat will bring very adverse stimulation to the throat mucosa, which is easy to cause respiratory tract lesions, mild throat discomfort, and even throat cancer.

some studies have shown that even if you smoke only one cigarette a day, it will also increase the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease. Smoking every day has always led to an increase of 74% in men and 119% in women. If you smoke more than five cigarettes a day, it will not only reduce lung capacity and speed up the decline of lung function, but also lead to abnormal lung anatomical structure. Lung injury can last for decades, which will increase the incidence of various diseases.

but for some people who are addicted to smoking, it is impossible to give up smoking immediately. These people must understand the harm of smoking to their health and let them consciously start to quit smoking. You can reduce the amount of smoking at the beginning, and gradually reduce the amount after the body adapts to it. To quit at the end, there must be a gradual process!