For those who can’t quit smoking, how many cigarettes a day is more appropriate? Say a number, hope you can reach the standard

Smoking is harmful to health, which is a very old topic, and many people know this truth, because once they become addicted to smoking, they will start from one cigarette a day at the beginning to one bag a day at the end, and finally they can’t control themselves to quit.

first of all, respiratory problems. Every time you smoke, the harmful substances in the cigarette will slowly enter the throat and trachea from the mouth, and attach to the surface for a long time, which has a great impact on the upper respiratory tract diseases, such as frequent cough, chronic pharyngitis, and tooth blackening.

secondly, it is easy to induce lung cancer. The harmful substances in smoke have certain carcinogenicity. For a long time, these substances will aggravate the damage of lung function, leading to the failure of normal lung function detoxification. For a long time, there will be the risk of lung cancer. Moreover, the incidence rate of lung cancer is increasing. Most of the cases are caused by long-term smoking. The symptoms of cancer are not very obvious in early stage, which leads to many patients who are discovered to have advanced lung cancer.

Finally, it will increase cardiovascular diseases. Because smoke can lead to blood circulation disorders, resulting in lower oxygen content in the blood, thus increasing the risk of heart disease, and once such diseases occur, the internal organs of the body will also be damaged, seriously affecting the health of the body.

therefore, smoking is very harmful to the body. Smokers who have been fond of smoking for a long time should start to quit smoking in time no matter whether they have health problems or not, otherwise it will have a great impact on their life and health in the future. Maybe now some smokers are aware of this problem. It may be a little difficult at the beginning to quit smoking, but it can be controlled slowly after a long time.

studies have shown that even one cigarette a day can cause cardiovascular disease. One cigarette a day can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, and the incidence of female is higher than that of male.

if the number of cigarettes is more than five per day, it will not only affect people’s vital capacity, but also lead to lung diseases, especially lung cancer.

therefore, we can’t quit smoking. It’s better not to smoke more than five cigarettes a day. I don’t know if many smokers have reached this standard? If it happens to be controlled within this range, the physical damage may not be so great, but if the number of smokers exceeds this number, they should pay attention to the fact that their lung function can’t stand such a long-term loss. They should start the smoking cessation plan as soon as possible, so as to ensure that there is a certain amount of smoking every day.

but for some smokers who are addicted to smoking, it may not be possible for them to quit smoking immediately. However, as long as they understand the damage caused by smoking and consciously quit smoking every time. At the beginning, we can gradually reduce the number, gradually let the body no longer rely on it, and finally slowly control the daily amount, because quitting smoking is not an overnight thing, but also needs to have a certain adaptation process. Here, I hope that some smokers can finally quit smoking and stay away from some diseases as soon as possible. 08/16/2020